Friday, February 02, 2007


Owr packij furrom Mushue Pooh

We got owr pakij furrom Mushue Pooh furr being theer 1000th. vizzyter. Fank yoo effur so much furr all the good fings yoo sent us.
He told us this is Rosie Rat an we haf got one eech. I like Rosie Rat. She is good furr chooing.

Hmm theer are some inchresting smells heer.

Look Greenies!!!!

We haf got owr Rosie Rats owt, an a nip sack eech, but theer is sumfing in heer I need to get at.

Eric are yoo reeding dat letter? No I've fownd some nip on it, and I'm eeting it.

Well I'm not eeting it, I'm going to rub my face in it.

I reely like dis Rosie Rat. Hey Eric, I hope yer girlcat frend Rosie duzn't mind dis chewy mousie haffing the same name as her.

If yoo look at dis letter furrom Mushue Pooh, yoo will see it's a bit scruffy. Well when the pakij arrived, mum had a kwik peep inside and read the letter. She sed that we wud haf to wait furr her to finish doing the horsies, an then we cud see what we got. She put the pakij on the kitchen werktop, an the letter beside it. When she came back, the letter wuz on the floor, an had a big hole in the middle, and wuz all wet wiv drool. It smelled so good, I cudn't leev it up theer. I had to roll and drool all ofurr it. Theer wuz a packit uv nip in theer too, an sumhow the corner got chewed.I don't know how dat happened. An evil introoder kitty must haf come indoors an did it.

And look, we got Greenies too!!!! We bofe love Greenies, but we can't get them in the UK . And we got nip, lovely nip.

Mum got the sucky monster owt, so she sed we cud take efurryfing in on the bed.

If yoo look behind the letter, yoo can just see the corner uv the pakij wheer I chewed it.

I didn't know yoo cud eet the nip. Flynn allus rolls in it, but I thought I wud see what it taystid like. Mum wuz laffin at me cuz I wuz making funny noyziz. Now I'm all nipped up, an efurryfing looks blurry.
Packages are so much fun. Yes you can eat nip, but most of us just roll in it.
Mmmmm, nip. I love to sniff it and roll in it and eat it and track it all over the apartment..
Good stuff, guys, enjoy!
I glad you guys liked you gift all the toys are mu shue tested and aproved. Rosie the rat is my faviort toy. and I luffed the catnip sack it had ribbons on it and the nip you need to rool your rosies in them That we they stay nippy I love roseis tail too. I chew and chew it

Mu shue
HAHAHA, I luv to eat the nip too!!! We are a match made in kitty heaven. Glad the Rosie Rat is cute...evarything with the name rosie shuld be cute! -Rosie

That's soooo cul to get such a grate package from Mushue Pooh. Concatulashuns! -Cheeto
I likes to eat my nip. I licks and chews it till is all gone.
Wow, what a fabulous package you got! Greenies AND nip AND Rosie the Rat! That is amazing. I am glad you had fun. Mu Shue is nice.
wow, wats a cool pakage. lots of good stuff in its. yus looks like yus hads a really good time wif the nip and rosie the rat.

yuki & kimiko
Oh cool! It looks like you had so much fun before you got nipped out!
That looks like grate stuff yu got! I chewed thru the letter we gotz frum Beau Beau and Angie afore Momma cood reed it too cuz it smelled like nip.
oh man, that looks like uber fun. ah, the nip, roll in it, eat it, sniff's bliss.

what's that mommy? no, i can quit whenever i want!
Oh wow! Youse is SO HIGH!!! Dat is so funny. An u ateted a hole in da letter!! Grate!
Luf, Us
whoa - you effun look blurry ta US an we hazzn't had nip today. that must be furry strong stuff. we think we gotta get a Rosie Rat too..

purrs to Flynn!
Blurry is gud. Nip is gud. Paper wif nip on it is gud. Nip, nip, nip.
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