Saturday, February 24, 2007


Look at all our treats!!

My girlfrendcat Grr and her brofurr and sisfurr Midnight and Cocoa sent us this box crammed full of Temtayshuns and Greenies, cuz we can only get two types of Temtayshuns and no Greenies in the UK.

They said they can't get theer faverit Sheba ennymoor, so we did a swop.Just look at all these diffrunt flayvers. Yummy.

Hmm I fink this box could make a good bed.

It's a bit small, maybe when mum takes all owr packets out, I'll fit in it better.
Fank yoo Grr, Midnight and Cocoa furrom bofe of us.
wow ... grr an da gang sent u lottsa treetz and a bed, too! dat'z sum kinda girlfrend!
What a great bunch of treats! That was a wonderful swap you made. And you got a great cardboard box to lie in, as well. You two really hit the jackpot.
SCORE!!!! That's super super cool of yer gurl, Flynn. Way to find the best way to his hart, Grr!!

Eric- I'm on my way via my jetpack...which I have named "My travuling luv mashene". See yoo two soon!

Yer Gurl, Rosie
isn't Dairy the best? YUM! thank you for our package too - we've really been enjoying everything but we haven't been online for a couple days and haven't gotten pictures up yet. which do you like better - Temptations or Greenies?
love & purrs
Wow! What a stash! Yum!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for adding me to your links. I appreciate it.
Wowsers! That's excellent! I'm not a big temptations fan but that would be fun to get!
Nice of you to swap treats. We gotta get our favorites.
Oooooo, ya gots lotsa temptations! An' a neat box!
Hi Eric and Flynn. You are very lucky to have friends like Grr Midnight and cocoa.
Wow, you are so lucky! My mouth is watering just thinking about it...!
Awesum dudes!!! Wat a grate prezzie!!! An da box too! Bet it smellz all kindz of weird since itz bin efurryware rownd da werld.

Yup, yur Mum did tell us she onced had 11 poodins. Datz more dan us. Two ist a bery good number.

Owr cage had to grow wen da 4 Herpes kids came to lif wid us. We had to git Paw to do an "addition" onto owr cage.

Wun day we'll tell u why we kaint go owt no more; efer since Davy was kilt.

Enjoy yur prezzies!
Luf, Us
Nice box!
YUMMY! That will be good in yer tummy!
Hi guys!
Looks like you are gonna be all set treatwise for a while!
I'm reaaly diggin' the temp-tastions you sent me.... hummm I wonder if I can get a few right now. Mmmmm the chichen and cheese ones are 'da bomb' as the kittens say these days. My mom likes the little container too. She says that once I eat all the one in it she'll refill it for me.
15 pound kitty in a size-5 shoebox...
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