Sunday, February 25, 2007


A kitty called Extra

We saw this pichur in the noospaper of a kitty called Extra. She has got an extra toe on each of her back feet, and two extra toes on each of her front feet. Dat's a lot of claws to clip.

That's an amazing photo - it must be really useful to have 4 extra claws too. Especially for catching mice and things. FAZ
Yeah, I'd like to have a lot of toes like that - more to bite on!
our Lady duzzn't effun wanna think 'bout that. she only just started her career as a claw clipper an she's not grate at it yet.

we gotta get our picshures up, but we got tagged fur the meme an then Squillions Fest is coming up. aarrgghh!
NO WAY! It luks like eggstras got a zillion little toes! If we culd cownt past four we culd probublie tell yoo the eggsact number. Nevurtheless, it's a LOT of toes!

Thanks fur sharing!
Wow! That's a lot of toes! I don't think I've ever seen a kitty with extra toes on the back paws, too.
Dat's a Hemingway!!! Or technically a Polydactyl.

Luf, Us
Wow, talk about polydactyl!
Maybe she should have been named "Jeep" for her 4-wheel drive capabilities.
that's kinda cool. it makes us happy that maybe someday we will all haf 'posible thumbs and not need the 'beans to open our stinky goodnesses ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Oooo, I bet extra toes means ya can rin an' climb an' chase bugs better!
Is that a Hemingway Cat? My mom told me about them.
I have extra toes too!

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