Saturday, February 10, 2007


Furr my Valuntine

I'm finking of the one I love

Dis is furr my sweetheart Rosie.
Rosie my deerest one, I can't do fotoshop or nuffin fancy, but dis comes wiv all my love to yoo. Take care wiv yer jet pack.
Oh's purrrfect!!! Yer soooo grate! I can't wayt to see yoo when I fly ovur on my jetpack. Keep practicing catching Flynn in the gardun cause I'm almowst ovur the oshen!! And I'm reeely gud at sharing my fud cause my brofur cheeto is a total pig...don't tell him!!

Gotta go, need to navugate ovur the watur!

Yer cutie pie,
That's a really great Valentine, Eric. The best ones are the ones from the heart. :)
purrrrrrrrr! oh Flynn, you're the most purrfect boyfurrendcat! thank you!
Awww thats so sweet Eric. We are hopin Rosie makes it okay wif her jet pack ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
These are wonderful sentiments! We agree with Zeus.

The Big Piney Woods Cats
Those are very touching Valentines. And they certainly had the right effect on Rosie and Grr. Do you English boys have a thing for California girls?

What lovely Valentine sentiments!!! You boys are very nice gentlemen cats.

Luf, Us
Wut a wunnerful Valentine. Rosie is furry lukky to haf such a sweet boyfurend!
those is sweet balentimes!!
That is so sweet of you guys! I can tell you guys are very very sincere in your loving of your girlfriends.

Latte cute!
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Flynn: Rosie left a spare jetpack with Cheeto to give to me, so I'm on my way over to be with you for Valentine's Day. Purrs!
Happy Valentine's Day:)
Those are great Valentines! Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day Eric and Flynn.
Happy Balentimes Day y'all!!!
~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy
Happy Valentine's Day, Guys!
Have a purry happy Valentines!
ERIC!!! I had the best valuntines day evur! Thanks sooo much for catching me when I got thare. IT's a gud thing I made an eggstra jetpack and Cheeto dropped it off at Grr's playce. Yoo two are the most romantic cats evur!! What a grate dubble date!

Yer travuling gurl,
You two are such a couple of romantics. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day with your girlfriendcats.
Aw, those pictures are the sweetest!!!
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