Monday, February 05, 2007


Big Man Cat Monday

Ehhh!! U ist kamuflajed! We kaint see u but fur da white of yur fur!
Luf, Us
You are a fine man cat aren't you?
You are a big man cat. You look very confident and relaxed.
Hey, the cat is enormous!! see the pose os sitting.

And hey, have a look at this pet ecards
That's very manly indeed! Wow, nice paws!

Eric! You are a very big man cat. How many pounds do you weigh?
Big man indeed!

we tried a cupple times last nite ta leaf a comment hear admirin' yur manlyness, but it wouldn't let us. we wuz wonnerin' if yur people picked the floor color ta match yur hansum furs. Grr won't let me do a Man Cat Monday on account of she sez i'm an annoying bouncy little boy ::pout::
Goodness another great Man Cat Monday picture of you. Looks like you two got a lot of great stuff in your package. Bet you didn't know what to look at first. Have fun with your stuff.

Good ManCat pose. Don't mess with me.
Eric, this is such a great man cat pic. Not only do you look HUGE, but you are also coordinating with the floor -- and as we all know, it is VERY important to always be lookin' stylish when you are a big man cat!!
eric ... u are a verree hansum big man cat. i am impressed!
furry furry manly!!!
quite manly you are big i only 15 lbs i was 17 last year but i lost two so you are bigger then me I just fluff
Wow, what a Big Man Cat!
I just love man cat monday!
Oooh! What a handsome Big Man Cat!
Very manley, man. Nice cammo technique!
Your lots bigger than me-I'm a bit scared man!
Did yur beans get yoo to match the floor? we luvs doze warm colors.
You look gorgeous, especially the way the floor matches your coat! Quite manly ...
Yu mae be the biggst man cat we've effur seen!
What a handsum big man cat yoo are!!! Just to let yoo know, ERic...rosie is on hur way to visit yoo! CHeck owt Skeezix's valuntines page and see what's up!
Come and sign in our bloggie so yoo can add yur name to owr count.
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