Sunday, February 25, 2007


A kitty called Extra

We saw this pichur in the noospaper of a kitty called Extra. She has got an extra toe on each of her back feet, and two extra toes on each of her front feet. Dat's a lot of claws to clip.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Look at all our treats!!

My girlfrendcat Grr and her brofurr and sisfurr Midnight and Cocoa sent us this box crammed full of Temtayshuns and Greenies, cuz we can only get two types of Temtayshuns and no Greenies in the UK.

They said they can't get theer faverit Sheba ennymoor, so we did a swop.Just look at all these diffrunt flayvers. Yummy.

Hmm I fink this box could make a good bed.

It's a bit small, maybe when mum takes all owr packets out, I'll fit in it better.
Fank yoo Grr, Midnight and Cocoa furrom bofe of us.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


The Beans are back, and so are we.

We haf missed efurrycat. On Fry Day nite last week, we put on owr Valuntines furr owr sweetharts Grr an Rosie. On Satterday we cudn't git a conneckshun, an mum sed, "Boys it's no gud, the phone's not werking." She rang the man, an he sed theer wuz a big fawlt, an it cudn't be fixed till Toosday. Well we wuz wurried then, cuz the Beans wuz going away furr a few days furrom Monday to Fry Day, an we sed we can't let all owr frends know.It wuz lucky though cuz Rosie had been pracktissing wiv her jet pack, an I went in the garden an made a purrfect catch when she came in to land. I had been pracktissing throwing Flynn in the air an catching him. Rosie had a spare jetpack which Cheeto took round to Grr, an she got heer safely too. Flynn asked me to catch Grr too cuz he hadn't been doing enny pracktissing. Well I don't spose he cud throw me in the air ennyway.
So we ended up haffing a reely good Valuntine's Day wiv owr sweetharts, an thay stayed furr a few days to keep us cumpunny.
Heer are sum pichurs the Beans brought back furr us.

Fev-vers in Newbury

Fev-vers in Oxford.

Fev-vers in Salisbury.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Furr my Valuntine

I'm finking of the one I love

Dis is furr my sweetheart Rosie.
Rosie my deerest one, I can't do fotoshop or nuffin fancy, but dis comes wiv all my love to yoo. Take care wiv yer jet pack.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Big Man Cat Monday

Sunday, February 04, 2007


We haf a winner!!!

Last nite we waited an waited cuz we wuz hoping the 1000th. comment wud be befurr we went to bed. At haff past Midnite mum sez "cum on boys, we haf to get sum sleep." When we looked today, the email sed it wuz 2 minnits after we went to bed. See we told mum she shud uv wated longer.
Oh yoo want to know who the winner is?
It's Beezer Yayyy!!!
Concatyoolayshuns Beezer. If yoo emale us wiv yer address, we'll git yer pakij off too yoo. Owr emale address is on owr profile page.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Owr packij furrom Mushue Pooh

We got owr pakij furrom Mushue Pooh furr being theer 1000th. vizzyter. Fank yoo effur so much furr all the good fings yoo sent us.
He told us this is Rosie Rat an we haf got one eech. I like Rosie Rat. She is good furr chooing.

Hmm theer are some inchresting smells heer.

Look Greenies!!!!

We haf got owr Rosie Rats owt, an a nip sack eech, but theer is sumfing in heer I need to get at.

Eric are yoo reeding dat letter? No I've fownd some nip on it, and I'm eeting it.

Well I'm not eeting it, I'm going to rub my face in it.

I reely like dis Rosie Rat. Hey Eric, I hope yer girlcat frend Rosie duzn't mind dis chewy mousie haffing the same name as her.

If yoo look at dis letter furrom Mushue Pooh, yoo will see it's a bit scruffy. Well when the pakij arrived, mum had a kwik peep inside and read the letter. She sed that we wud haf to wait furr her to finish doing the horsies, an then we cud see what we got. She put the pakij on the kitchen werktop, an the letter beside it. When she came back, the letter wuz on the floor, an had a big hole in the middle, and wuz all wet wiv drool. It smelled so good, I cudn't leev it up theer. I had to roll and drool all ofurr it. Theer wuz a packit uv nip in theer too, an sumhow the corner got chewed.I don't know how dat happened. An evil introoder kitty must haf come indoors an did it.

And look, we got Greenies too!!!! We bofe love Greenies, but we can't get them in the UK . And we got nip, lovely nip.

Mum got the sucky monster owt, so she sed we cud take efurryfing in on the bed.

If yoo look behind the letter, yoo can just see the corner uv the pakij wheer I chewed it.

I didn't know yoo cud eet the nip. Flynn allus rolls in it, but I thought I wud see what it taystid like. Mum wuz laffin at me cuz I wuz making funny noyziz. Now I'm all nipped up, an efurryfing looks blurry.

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