Thursday, January 04, 2007


Who are yoo calling dirty?

What do yoo mean mum, I'm looking filthy?

Now I'm feeling embarrussed. How wuz I to no that all the dirt wud stick to me when the frost thawed?

Fank yoo Yuki and Kimiko.

A while ago we saw a pichur on theer blog of them eeting fishy flakes. We sed we had nefurr seen ennyfing like that befurr an thay furry kindly sent us some to try. Well we can tell yoo thay are lishus. Yoo haf to be keerfull though when yoo eet them though cuz thay stick to yer noze if yoo breeve into them. Fank yoo so much.

eric and flynn: you´re gorgeous! beautiful! adorable!
lots of purr from blanche and petu (we live in mexico)
we we ars so happy yu enjoyed eatin the fishy flakes we sent yus. they ars ar favorite treat. mommees is glad yus coods find some nears yurs house.

yuki & kimiko
Hoppy Mew Year!
We have fishy flakes and I'm the only one who likes them. Not that I'm complaining!!

I don't see any dirt!

we neffur hadded fishy flakes either. ::pout::
Eric, are ya gonna hafta take a baf? what happened ta you?

purrrrrs to Flynn!
Mmmmm, fishy flakes! They do look yummie!
Ohhhhhh Eric- Yoo are purrrrfect with or withowt durt on yoo! Yoo culd have durt all ovur yoo and still luk vary vary cute!!

Missing yoo frum accross the watur in the golden state and hoping I can teleaport ovur to visit yoo soon.

Tons of romantic purrs headed yer way. -Rosie
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