Friday, January 26, 2007


My Three Loves by Eric

I love my brofurr Flynn. He's good furr snuggling wiv.

And when we are outdoors he catches mice and gives them to me.

I love my dad cuz he's good furr snuggling wiv too.

He duzn't efun mind too much when I knead his hed.
But he likes it better when I just cuddle him like this.

And of course I love Rosie, and I love snuggling wiv her.
Rosie, I hope yoo don't mind me "borrowing" yer pichur furrom yer post.
eric ... yer such a "luver boy". dat'z a verree nice post.
It is nice to have a snuggle furiend or two or three.
Youze beeyoutiful!!! You look so comfy and lovey.
Wow! 11 poodies is a lot. We fink 10 is a lot!! We dunt sleep together much. Only da ones dat is related. We taint all related like yur beans 11 wuz. Dat would be a huge fur pile.
Luf, Us
You look so nice and snuggly!
So sweet! You seem like a very loving cat!
Eric, brofurs are good fur snuggling and playing, dats good. I only gots sisfurs. Maybe I shood haf a brofur.....Mooommmm, I needs a brofur....
It's good to have some love in your life. You are quite the snuggler. I have to admit the woman is wishing she could snuggle with you!
Awwww...nice pictures Eric! I snuggle on my dad's pillow in the mornings just like that - then I start licking his hair mercilessly until someone feeds me. Why are dads' pillows so comfy?
Hi you guys. Ginger cats are wonderful snugglers. You two are gorgeous.
you're such a big cuddly boy! those are some furry cute pictures. our Lady wishes Midnight would just cuddle her head without trying to lick and chew her hair.

purrs to my sweet Flynn
Awwwww that is so nice of you Eric. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Oh, yes, I would have to say you all are very lovely kitties who have wonderful places to sleep! You all look very cozy sleeping next to each other!
Very nice. A sure way to win everybody's heart.
Momma says I am her snuggle monster at night.

You guys are so cute, such twins!

You're a very snuggly boy, Eric!
Oooo, that am furry good snugglin'!
Awwww, yer sooo grate, Eric! Yoove got sum grate luvs. Yer so nice to Flynn and yoo must luv yer dad sooooo much cause he luks super happy and yoo do to!!

And of course yoo can use the picktur. Yer the ultimate boyfrend!! **purr** -Rosie

pee-ess- I'm luking into skeezix's jetpack idea to fly ovur the sea to visit yoo!!
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