Friday, January 05, 2007


Look how I've grown

This is me, Eric when I fink I wuz abowt 8 weeks old. I am wiv Kitty Yum Bum hoo wuz the old lady cat hoo wuz lonely cuz she wuz the only one left furrom all her brofurrs an sisfurrs an cuzzins. Me an Flynn came to our furrefurr home when we wuz about 5 weeks old to look after her. She didn't like us at furrst, but I allus slept beside her efun though she told me she didn't want me theer.In the end she reely luvved us, an yoosed to go efurry where wiv us.

I wuz 8 munfs old heer, see I wuz a big boy alreddy. She only weighed 6lbs, an wuz a dainty lil girl.

Heer we all are togevver. Kitty YB wuz 13 when we arrived an only lived furr anuvver 2 yeers. We wuz efurr so sad when she went to the Bridge, an mum still talks abowt her to us. Mum sez she wuz her speshull girl, cuz when dad's Beans died, owr Beans adopted theer 9 kitties an had 2 of the ladycats "seen to" When she took them in, the V E T sed one wuz going to haf kittens, so she took her home again an a couple of weeks later she had 7 babies. Mum fownd good homes furr 6 of them, but no-one wanted the last one cuz she wuz so small, so she kept her. She alreddy had one kitty of her own, so that meant the Beans had 11 kitties then. Mum sez she wuz speshull cuz the ladycat wuz only just pregnant, an if the V E T hadn't notissed, then she wud nefurr haf been born. She yoosed to ride round on mum's shoulder and didn't like ennyone at all except mum. She wudn't efun let dad pet her until we came along.


Kitty Yum Bum looks and sounds like a very special kitty, indeed. You three look so much alike that at first I thought you were going to say that she was your kittymom.
what sweet pictures! you all look like one big loving cuddly family.

purrrrrrrrrrrs to Flynn from Grr!
KYB was a miracle kitty. How pretty the three of you look!
Kitty YB must have had a great life with you. She sounds like a special lady from the pictures and the memories. The photo of the 3 of them is especially good.
What a big happy family you all were. Thanks for telling us about KYB. She sounded very special.

Awww what a sweet story and adorable photos.
Me Again I sent you a Catster Pal request.
I especially love the cuddling photos-though I only cuddle with my mom. Cos
Oh look at you as a kit! I love kits. I know, it makes me so soft and femine and such and totally unlike me, but I do love my kits!
Such a handsome bunch of cats and so loving too.
What a wonderful story. YOu have the most wonderful beans!!

Oh Eric, yoo were always soooo cute and handsum. My have yoo grown! It was vary nice of yoo to take such gud care of Kitty Yum Bum and make hur open hur heart to yoo bowth.

Purrrrs to yoo! -Rosie
Aw, those are wonderful pictures - you were such a cute little baby!
Hi! What a nice story about Kitty Yum Bum. It looks like she really liked hafing you there once she got used to it. It is nice when our beans still remember those who haf gone before. It means they won't ever forget us!
You haf both grown to be such handsome kitties! You were ever so small!
Awww - that's cute!
Thanks for stopping by our office at ArtsyCatsy. You fellas resemble my main man Fracas, VP at ArtsyCatsy. You ever need jobs, look me up!

Many Meows,
Rocky, CEO
Oh you were very small indeed! Thanks for sharing the story about Kitty Yum Bum, she sounds like she was a very very special kitty.

Kitty YB shurly was a speshul lady! She was little like Trixie - Trixie only weighed 7 pounds. Kitty YB was furry purrty!
Dos were sum furry koot pix-churs! Yu wuz a wee lil ball of furrs, weren't yu. Furry koot, still furry kinda big and koot. We loves orange kitties in our house!

Those are furry nice photos. You have grown so big and strong! I will have to take pictures of me next to my new tiny little bro so later we can see how big he gets.
Too cute!
Hi Eric n Flynn, came to check your blog once again. You have always some lovely pics store for us.

thanks for sharing them with us
we got our package today - THANK YOU! we're not even kidding when we say that THAT'S THE BEST STUFF WE EVER ATE! seriously - thank you! we have pictures.

lotsa love from Grr to Flynn!
where wuz you today? didja see our duck picshures? we effun haf a video.
What a lovely story! Mum liked reading about Kitty Yum Bum. She laughed when she saw how quickly you and Flynn grew. It's good that you all took such care of each other. you have great beans.
Hi guys! What a lot of great pictures. Thank you for checking up on Me. Hopefully Mom will release the computer soon.
Gosh Eric you were cute when you were little but boy you sure grew into a handsome cat. You look like you were laying on Kitty Yum Bum when you were eight months old, although she looks like she didn't care. I guess by then you were special to her and you to her.
Hi Eric & Flynn,

Nice to meet u oringe kits. Youse is bery hansum.

Our Paw is frum Colchester.

Tanks fer visting owr site. Peez cum bac!!

Forty Paws
My mum wanted me to ask if your mum would like Kitty Yum Bum added to the Rainbow Gingers page?
Hay guys your 1000 vistor package will go out on thusday 1-18 it full of mu shue faviort things including a package of greenies for since mu shue get 6 3 times a day we figered we help you guys out he luff them
we hoopes yus guys will gets to post soon. bad blogger!

kimiko & yuki
Our toes is dun now. We caint go out cuz of wat happened to Davy the Great White. We can only go in owr cage that is attached to da howse. It's a furry big cage and has grass and dirt in it. And sumtimes birds get in and G.T. catches dem & brings dem in da howse. Dat's furry funny cuz Maw freaks out.
So sweet. The size difference is amazing!
What a beautiful picture of the three of them, it touched my heart💗
Sending all my Pawkisses to the three of you🐾😽✨ trioz fotoz iz like de best....big time AAWWWZ heer ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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