Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Just relaxing

There I wuz, just relaxing an enjoying the vyoo.

Wait !! what's dat?? It's furry inchresting. Mum sez I'm seeing fings an dat theer's nuffin theer. Well mum, if yoo wuz to put yer glasses on, yoo'd see I'm watching an ant.
Wow, that is a great view! I really wish I had something pretty to look at instead of these same four walls.

I can watch ants for hours. Sometimes I touch them with my paw but they don't seem to like it very much especially when I accidently squash them. Faz

p.s. you live in a very nice place, sometimes the humans stay in a friend's house in a fort in Cawsand which is very near to you I think. They usually leave me behind to look after the house.
Ants? Aren't they supposed to be hiding for the winter or something? You have a furry good view, it makes mum homesick as we do not have good views in London. It is freezing here today. But no snow yet.
cats have x-sep-shun-al eyesight. beans do not.

we reallys likes yur yard. it mus be nice to go outside and enjoy the smells an stuff. we lives near a fery busy road with lots of metal monsters. mommees says it is too dan-grrr-us to go outsides. *sighs* at least we has windows. yuki & kimiko
Kimo: I squarshed an ant just this morning - and Mommakitty didn't believe me either until I whined louder!

(Sabi can't blog today - he gotted a time-out)
purrr! you're looking most especially handsome!
I had an ant last night, but the Lady took it away from me and squashed it. Sometimes we get squillions of ants cause it's a big purroblem where we live an they're unner the building an in the walls. The Lady gets freaked out by 'em.
Yeepie you have found something interesting. hahah!! an ant at last. LOL!!

And hey, just see this paris hilton n her pets
That's what I wanna do! Relax outdoors!
Oh wow. You look so much like Pumpy.

Guess what. Pumpy saw a mouse. A MOUSE! and he just watched it and watched it... zig zag all across our diningroom floor. He didn't feel like getting up to chase it or anything.
Hi Flynn, it sure looks like that ant has your undivided attention. Did you squish it?? Mom says you sure do have a beautiful view. She has a map of the U.K. that she has been looking at to find where you live. She also checked out a book at the library with a lot of pictures of areas over there. I think since she now knows several of you that live over there she says it's more interesting.

I don't get outside to see ants. Bummer.
I don't get outside to see ants. Bummer.
That certainly is a gorgeous view, but you did have a more pressing matter with that ant right in front of you. What's the lovely body of water in the distance?

Oh wow, that luks rooomantic! Flynn, do yoo think yoo can ask Eric if he will take me to yer spot so we can cuddle and watch "ants"?!?!

Sincerely, yer friend who reeeellly like yer brothur..Rosie
Yeah, just kickin' back and 'laxin' and takin' in the view. Now that's livin'.
You sure look like one happy, contented cat! Great photos!
Hello Eric and Flynn.Thank you for your comment.You are looking like my Neigbours cat Anton. He´s my friend.
This is an exciting place with a great view where you live. I wish I may go out without the leash, but... sometimes I run away and for a few minutes I´m free outside. The humans says here are to many cars. :-(
I'm sooo upset at my lady. SHE made plans to celubrate hur friends burthday on Feb. 10...so she won't let me go to BeauBeau and Angie's Valentine's party!

I'm going to make sure I rite abowt it in the next cupple of days cause this is sooooo rude of hur to put hurself before ME!

Yer Valentine In Hart, Rosie XOXO
Yes ants are good for squishing and I
heard their tatsy yet I've never ate one.
Oh I would love to watch ants but I'm not allowed outside.
Pretty place and I too think bugs are interesting, especially to be pounced on!
You have a great view and a nice place to watch it from. Ants are very interesting, as long as you don't let them get close enough to bite.
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