Monday, January 15, 2007


eric the Afflete.

Mum an Flynn bofe say all I do is lay around or eat. Well heers the proof dat sumtimes I am furry lively. This is my ratty an I am getting reddy to pounce on him.

Heer I go, I'll give him what for.

This is me wiv a mousie dat Flynn caught furr me.

I wuz having a good game wiv it, an I can be reely speedy sumtimes.

See I wuz that fast that mum couldn't keep up wiv me an it looks like she chopped my hed off. Don't worry Rosie, my hed is still theer reely!

I wuz that tired out after dat I had to lie on the floor wiv my fluffcat. See we are the same culler. I put the bitey on fluffcat yooshully, but I wuz just too tired in this pichur.
In my opinion you can never be too fat or chase too many mice or sleep too much. You rule Eric! FAZ
you is furr afletik AND furry snuggly too!
You look gorgeous doing all of that. You are most definitely a ginger pride!
I think you are one of the most active cats I've ever seen! Hunting big game (as opposed to bugs) must be hard work! I wish I could help.

Yu guys all got the same cullor!
Why do humans always think athletes have to be thin and trim? Have they not heard of sumo wrestlers or weight lifters? Clearly, you are a strong man, Eric, and not to be triffled with!
Gosh, your fluffcat looks just like you!

Is that a REAL mousie you've got there? I'm jealous...we've had no mousies come inside since Dad patched the crack in the wall.

Maxwell Smartkitty AKA Maxie Mouser
Eric! Wat a afflete!!!! It looks like u is hafing so much fun. And we luvs yur fluffcat. Caint tell u guys apart!
Good chase sequence! Get that mousey.
Thats a lot of energy - you're a big time hunter!
I LOVE THAT LAST PICTURE! Hahahahahahha! Too funny! Great!d
I LOVE THAT LAST PICTURE! Hahahahahahha! Too funny! Great!d
we got to see Eric the Hunter, Eric the Athlete, and Eric the Cuddler. don't ever let your mom say you just lay around sleeping and eating again - you do it all!

purrs & cuddles to Flynn!
Good job on chasing the rattie. You make me think of Mrs. B. All days she just sleeps and lies around. But when Bubbled brings in a mouse she is soooo fast, you can hardly believe such a big cat can move so fast. She says she just don't see the point of wasting energy for no reason.
Oh, and we love your fluffcat!
You and your fluffcat match your floor really well!

I am staggered by this show of energy, Eric - be careful or you will lose weight and not be one of the acclaimed Ginger Fat/Big Erics. make sure you eat lots of calories too!
Hey Eric, great job with the mouse. You were all over the place with it. We haven't had any micies around here in a long time. Every now and then I hear them in the walls. Guess we scared them off. One time I presented Mom with a present and put one right in front of the computer so she wouldn't miss it. That was a very long time ago though. I really like that fluff cat of yours, looks just like you. Also liked the picture where you jumped right out of it. That was great.

You look like a great athlete...when you want to, right?! Lol!
eric you are the man, no i mean CAT! what athletic ability and such hunting skills like i have never seen before. i am amazed at your talent. you deserved a nap after all that. love your naptime pal. - momsbusy

eric you is da bomb! when we biggified yur pikshures we cook see yur rippling muscles. i bet all the girl kitties just melt when you show how athletic yu ar.

kimiko & yuki
WOW - cool action shots!
I'm glad you came to visit. I love to read stories about how other cats found their way into their forever homes and....the lady peep loves to look at pictures of them. She's always amazed at how adaptable cats are. Hah, she ain't seen nuthin yet. Cats Rule
Hey guys, come over and meet Jenny, the Formerly Feral Feral. She is one of the udder poodies living here.
mi mom wuz goin to da moviez to see a akshun film tonite ... but after seein yer pikshurz ... she haz seen enuff akshun fer one day!
i espeshullee like dat shot uv u on yer hind legz!
dere'z nuthin like a rodent to get u goin!
You are very athletic, Eric. I like the picture where you jumped up in the air. How can anyone say you're too fat when you can do that? I love the picture of you cuddling fluffcat. He does look just like you.
You are super-athletic, Eric! Great hunting there!
AHHHHH, yer hed isn't thare Eric!! oh wayt....I shuld have read the comment yoo left undurneeth. Yoo know my hart wuld still beat fur yoo if yoo had a hed or not, Eric. Purrrr....

By the way, yoo luk vary vary cute doing all yer athletic activities! I'm a little gellous of yer fluffcat but I know yoo need sumthing to cuddle with on thowse cold nites!
Efurrycat needs a fluffcat. It looks nice at your place, all green and stuff. It is all white and stuff here.

Look at you and that fluffcat! You guys are twins!
Wow Eric, dats sum akshon. Yoo and Zippy shood mouse togeffur. She iz a grate catcher but she ushually plays wif dem and dey end up gettin away. Well, parshaly, mom ushually finds 'em ded in da yard...
These are the best action shots EVER!
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