Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Our Chris Mouse Prezzunts

We like Chris Mouse cuz we gets prezzunts

There's treats heer sumwhere, I can smell them.

What's in these bags? I'm going to put my stink on them. What do yoo mean mum,those are yoors? We fawt all the prezzunts wuz furr us.

This fing is cawled a jitterbug. It's part of owr purrize furrom Fat Eric. Yoo pull his tale an he jitters along the grownd. We got Whiskas sachets an treats as well furrom him. Fank yoo Eric. The little bit of bloo yoo can see behind the jitterbug is a fishy on a stick. That wuz a purrezzunt furrom a horsie. That's rite, we got a purrezzunt furrom a horsie!!

That pakkit wiv the wite poodin on wuz furrom owr cuzzins Micky an Monty. Thay hafn't got a blog but we'll get mum to scan theer pichur so we can put it on heer later.

This is owr Chris mouse card furrom Fat Eric. It's got kitties ice skating on it.

Mum put all the rapping payper in heer. Wunder if I can pull it all owt again.

This is us eeting sum of owr "Thomas" treats furrom Fat Eric

Mmmmmm Treatis!!
You gots good toys too. I've never seen a horse up close, but my person like 'em. she told me she used tp ride them when she was younger. I guess they must be as big as a city bus.
Boy, it sure looks like a lot of fun at your house!

Wow, guys! It looks like Santa was very generous to you. That's quite a haul!

Hope your holiday was great.

The Crew
Looks like a lot of fun!
looks like you two had lotsa fun an good stuff! didja get that wrapping paper back out? we wanna come over an pounce in it.
it wuz furry good to see you yesterday. thanks fur comin' offur to play with us (and snuggle - purrrrr)
You guys are right cute. You look almost just like my brother Pumpy... or have I told you that already?
I am so glad that you had such a nice Christmas. You certainly had a lot of fun and got lots of nice prezzies.
you gotted lots and lots of cool stuff!
Ooo, yoo gots a prezzie frum a hoorsie? Dat furry kewl. We gots more prezzies comin' tomaro frum our woofie frend Butkis. His momma an hims coming to bisit my momma and daddy. We nefur effun met a hoorsie in persun but we'z seen pikshers and dey kinda look big.
Wow ... Good presents! I'm comin' to your house!
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