Saturday, December 23, 2006


Helping wiv the tree

Mum took so long this year getting the tree reddy we had to help her put it up. I'm just looking in the box to make sure it's all theer.

I'll just have a look and make shoor the lites are in theer.

While yoo are doing that Eric, I'll put the bitey on it.

Well I've done that, so now I'll make shoor efurryfing is in the box.

Oh no where did Eric go?

Well now the tree is up and all dekkerattid so I'd better check it looks rite.

Now how did that happen? It just fell off on it's own so I mite as well put the bitey on that too.

Eric's disappeared again. No I hafn't, I'm just guarding the tree.
Happy Christmas to all our kitty frends and theer Beans from us and owr Beans.
You did a furry good job getting that tree reddy. Merry Christmas to you and yur beans. We're going to go check on owr tree too to see what ornyments needs adjusting.
Dudes! Yur mum is SO cool, letting you help wiff the tree......Mum won't let me anywhere near our tree......

Mind you, I did pull it down effery night last year - you know, just for fun......

Merry Christmas across the Atlantic.

That's a human... put it off to the last minute and then the cats have to work! That sounds like my house.

Happy Christmas!
You two were furry good assisting with the tree.

Merry Christmas to all.
You were furry good helpers with the tree! Our beans just put ours up last night and it's still not decorated! They better get movin'!

Merry Christmas to you all!
You are furry good helpers - Merry Cat-mas!
Excellent work! What would your humans do without you. Purry Christmas! left out the part where Eric climbed the tree and it fell over with him in it!
Have a furry Merry Christmas, Eric and Flynn - just think, we are in the same county!
You guys are very cute. I've always said that orange is a great colour on poodins!
Marrie Christmas, Eric and Flynn!! Yoo two luk sooo cul putting up yer tree. -Cheeto

Hey Eric...way to inspect the tree and put the bitey on things that luk outta place!! Owr lady left us on owr own and cheeto said yoo culd come ovur anytime to watch owt fur santa with me! MARRY CHRISTMAS Handum Eric! -Rosie
Merry Christmas Eric and Flynn
mmmm...nice bitey! what's tree-in-a-box taste like anyway?
Ah, this was before we knew ye!!! XXXXXX
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