Monday, December 04, 2006


Furr Rosie

Hello my luvly Rosie. Yoo sed yoo were missing me, so this pichur is speshully furr yoo my sweetie.

Roses are red
Violets are bloo
See how my eyes glow
Furr thinking bowt yoo

Wiv luv furrom yer Eric kisses an headbutts xx
Nice photos of you in both of those posts. I think you are quite a poet. Rosie should be pleased.
that's a very handsome picture and a great poem - Rosie's gonna be thrilled!

purrs to my sweetie Flynn
You big romantic softie, Eric!

Hope you weathered the storms the other night, the Plymouth area got it pretty badly, we heard.
Hey, Eric, Rosie told me to tell yoo she's KYOOT!!!!
I have dreems abowt Rosie, so I unnerstand yer atrakshun. She's a spicy littul vixen!

BTW, nice poem.

PPS: Nuthing sez LOVE like a can of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt!
Aren't you the sweetest boy efur? The girls are always charmed by a poem.
Aww ... you are quite the romantic, Eric!
excellent and furry clefur pome, eric!!
Rosie is such a lucky girl to have such a handsome boyfriend (and great poet). Nice picture.
Eric's got a girlfriend. Eric's got a girlfriend.


Say Casper, are you a little jealous??? You need to be a little more romantic.
I AM SOOOO HAPPIE!! Thank yoo fur sharing yer handsum picktur and yer hartfelt poem. This picktur accsentuates yer vary manly paw, attraktive striped tale and of corse yer handsumlie orangue nose! And yer poem is soooo grate!

I'd like to write more but I have to daydream abowt yoo during my 18 howrs of sleep a day!

Yer sweetie (Frum Akross The Oshean strate to yer hart) -Rosie
Awww this is so Sweet.
Awwwwww ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko kO
That is a most lovely poem, and so original too!

Yur furry handsome an a good poet. Even if it is fur mush stuff.
Love is in the air. Lalalalala.
ERIC!!! I asked santa if I was reely gud wuld he send yoo a play-dow creashun of me!?! No werd yet but its probublie because he's vary busy.
Yur so romantic. I's takin notes so I can say romantical fings to Emmy.
So, Fuzzy Sugar Butt and Flakey Twinkle Wink, I just wanted to say we didn't hafta upgrade our blog. See, Mom was upgradin our profiles to Blogger Beta an got confused cuz Bonnie an I each gots our own login plus Mom's. She learned you can upgrade a profile to a Google Profile wifout a Gmail account an still attach it to our Yahoo email addy. The blog changed ofur just fine, cept Mom broked Bonnie's profile first.
Purrs an happy hollydays! I'll post my elf name maybe tomorra. I's gardin a fur tree they just putted in the lifin room.
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