Friday, December 15, 2006


Fat Butt Friday

Muuuuum!!! Flynn's being mean to me again. He knows it's sposed to be Frootbat Friday.
I'd like to fank all my furrends furr saying such kind fings to me, cuz I wuz reely upset wiv Flynn furr being so mean abowt my butt. I no it's not fat,I'm just big boned, an I fink I carry my wate furry well. He's just a skinny lil wippit an finks ennyfing hevvier than him is fat.
That looks like a normal size bum to me.
Gasp! That's mean! My fat butt is getting smaller tho. Mine Mom is not letting me eat all my food and 1/2 of Angie's anymore. But she gived me vishus deer the ofur night!
we finks its just a really bad camera angle. maybees one of those trick cameras. yuki & kimiko

You made the Woman laugh soda out her nose.
Fat Butt Friday? That's hysterical! I wonner if we kin get a picshure of our Lady...

cuddles & purrs to Flynn
That is a grate angle fur yoo! Yer reely reely fotogenic no mattur how yoo powse fur the camera **winkwink** -Rosie
Looks like a normal cat hiney fur a healthy kitty!
That is certainly not a frootbat butt! But I have to say, its a nice addition!

I've seen fatter ... But yours is nice.
DaisyMae Maus
You are definitetly big boned. Anycat can see that.

Eric, you are not fat. No, not at all. You are just a big love!
Big kitties make better lap sitters.
Looks like just another cute kitty bum to me :)
Oh, that *was mean of Flynn! Your behind is quite handsome!

Hmm, maybe next week I can post for both Fat Butt and Frootbat Friday in one! When I'm walking away from Mom, she always comments on my "plump white thighs!" Hmph!
Ohhh, poor Eric. Tell Flynn it is unkind to mock us "big boned" kitties. You have a furry handsome figure.

PS There is a package in the post to you!
eric, lad--yer bum's just the right size to hold yer legs on, and that's what counts, innit?

Fat butt? There's just more to love! My Mum wants to cuddle both you and Flynn. She likes big kitties!
Eric, our mom thinks you look very huggable.

you doesn't haf a fat butt at all Eric!
Don't worry Eric, you look fine to me. If someone took a picture of me from the back, my butt would look wide, too. But I'm not fat, I'm just a firmly packed, big boned guy.

Maxwell Smartkitty
You know, the camera adds pounds and humans have a tendency to take the most unflattering photos. I think you look great!
Yep, you look just fine to us!
Looks like a perfect Butt to us.
Lookin good. Are ya feelin good? Yoo shood, cuz "yoo look mahvelus"

I agree - you is not fat, cos if you are then so am I. Best wishes from the heart of my bottom, whoops, I mean - the bottom of my heart (Freudian slip there I fink!!)
That isn't such a big bum. I think it looks just fine. Mommy says you look very cuddly.
Maybe Flynn is just jealous because there is more of you to love!
hullo, lads! hope you are done with your christmas mousing . . . er, shopping. won't mum be surprised? oh, yeah; probably not. ;-)
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