Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Wideboddy Wenzday

I wuz reeding Rocky the Guttercat's blog the uvver day an I saw Wenzdays wuz cawled Wideboddy Wenzday. Well I am furry proud of my 21 lbs efun if my mum is not, an I sed to myself "Eric yoo must do this!" So here is my wide boddy. Mum wuz furry rood bowt this pichur. She sez in sum pichurs I do look big- boned, but in this one she finks I look like a porker, what efurr that is.
Let's be proud of our bodies, regardless of what our mommies think! We are cats!
She hasn't started calling you "Balloon on Legs" yet, has she? That's what Mom said about one of the cats that came before us. So far, Max and I are holding our own at about
17 lb., which we think is a very respectable, manly weight.

you're not that wide a body! and YES, come on ofurr and try out our new cowch wif uf! it's BIG, so we can haf a huge nap pile on it
Happy Wide Body Wednesday!
Hey - I shoulda posted that picture of me from yesterday today! Widebody Wednesday - who knew?!? I am a petite 9 lb girl (okay, okay! 9 and 3/4!!). Big-boned kitties make me feel tiny and cute. Unless he is Moose, who is my brother and therefore just annoying.
~ nala
That is furry rude. But I way fifteen pownds, so yer not that much bigger from me. So I say be PROWD.
Oooh, what a lovely widebody you are Eric!
I weigh 18.6 lbs, but you may actually weigh more since I am fluffy and you are not!
Porker indeed, how rude!!!
You have a beautiful tum, Eric. I posted a Widebody picture today as well, and I linked to yours.
great picshure! a porker is pre-ham, an you shure duzzn't look like sumfin ta make ham outta. yur momma musta been tryin' ta be funny - eiffur that or rude. we gots a nayburr cat that our Lady pets who's got the widest boddy of all. we don't know if it's a he or a she, but the Lady's nickname fur the kitty is "Barrel".

purrrrrrrrrrrrs to Flynn
Very impressive, Eric!
If it isn't all fluff, then it must be all muscle.

You just look nice and floofy to me and mum.
That's a really nice tummy shot there, Eric. I think it's rude of your Mum to call you a porker. You are just well-fed and floofy.
Can you roll ofur still? Then you are ok.
Momma said she would like to kiss that floofy belly.

I must look good....very good....and a littlebit too very good!

But that name she is calling you..its a shame.
You don't have a curl in your tail.
I'd say you qualify as a genuine widebody, oh Henry Outboard Fruitbat, hee hee.
Eric, just give your Mom that "so what" look. She will love you regardless. You don't look like a porker. That's a fat pig and you aren't that fat and your aren't a pig. So there! Actually in this picture you look like what Flynn does to get Mom's attention and kisses. So keep on rolling over until she picks you up and give you kisses.

I think you have a lovely wide body. You are very lucky to get to outside and see mousies. I'm not sure I'd care to eat one, but maybe who knows. I also have a wide body, which you can see on my post too.
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