Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Tummy Tuesday

Mum sez I am getting a little podgy tummy, but I fink it is just the way I am sitting.
Excellent agility! Not to mention handsome in the tummy department. Never mind what your Mum says, a Cat has to have something around the middle.
It's always just the way you are sitting. If you were so pudgy, could you actually sit like that?
That is just a bad angle, its actually quite a fit tummy if you ask me!

I don't think you have a podgy tummy. I think it's cute.
Wowser! You can do all kinds of fings wif yur body. Squeezing in holes, sticking yur head frew the bushes, and sitting and almost touching yur belly. Amazing!
What a pose! What balance! What a beautiful white tummy!
Maybe your mum is a little jealous because she probably can't sit like that!
You're too flexible to be podgy. It's just the white fur.
Its soooo not a podgy tummy...its the camera angle!
you look 'bout the same size as me - purrfect!
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