Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Tummy Tuesday

Take that flashy fing away. I'm trying to sleep.
I know! You're just trying to nap, you've exposed your belly for a proper stretch and then...bam! The flashing thing.

That is such a beautifull tummy, it desreves a picture.
Aww, what a gorgeous tummy!
~ tammara
Aww...surely no tummy is as cute as a ginger and white tummy. That's what my mum says, anyway. She has now found a button on her fancy camera that lets her take good photos indoors with the flashy thing turned off, thank goodness.
you look so purry comfy an cozy! the Lady wants ta pet yur tummy lots.

purrrrs & kisses from Grr
That's exactly what my mom does!!! It's just not right!
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