Saturday, November 11, 2006


Sumfing in the tree

I just know I heard sumfing move, but I don't know what it was. I'll just put my head in an haf a good look round.

Yer right Eric, I heard sumfing too.I'll look furrom this side.

No good, I need to haf a better look.
We bofe looked an looked but cudn't find ennyfing, but we will be back to look again. We don't give up.
great pikshurs. we hopes you find what efurr it is in there! we hopes it's not an alien!
Hahahaha, You did climb the hedge!
But there has to be something. Cat ears never lie.
Maybe a bird who flew away. Or......I know, you both heard each other on the other side.
That has to be it.
Did you ketch it yet? What was it? What? What?
Is that a holly tree?

Please let us know what the sumfing was.

The Cats of the Big Piney Woods
FEV-VERS? IS IT FEV-VERS? those are really cute pictures!

Hahaha, yoo reely got up thare to take a luk in the bushes. Keep a gud lukowt and make sure yoo update us on yer findings. These things are vary inportunt to know.
Maybe it's a squirrel? Or a mousie? Hope you find it soon!
Oh you are very athletic! Wow!
Yes, you mus continue your examination of the hedge. Please keep us updated if you find that misterios creature.
Never give up! It will come back and then you can pounce!

Great pictures. The cats are gorgeous!
Does them humans enjoy it when you bring home those "gifts"? I always tell my kitties that I like my food already cleaned and cooked, but sometimes "It's Alive!"
Bonnie in Virginia
Heh those are cute picts ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO
Wow lookit those strong bodies lookin in there. Somefin was hiding from you. Since you are such strong hunters we know you'll find whatever it is.
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