Wednesday, November 15, 2006



We been keep going back an checking on that tree, an yesterday we herd more noises, so we went an in-vesty-gatid again.Success!!!
There was a mousie in theer. Mum finks thay may haf made a nest in the tree to live in. I haf to be troofull. It looks like I got the mousie, but reely it wuz Flynn, an he gave it to me to eat. It wuz lucky we got it then cuz it wuz getting dark an mum had told us we had to go in. The tree is a big oak tree that grows owtside our window, an it is cuvvered in ivy, an the birdies like it, so we can sit in the window an watch the live fev-vers efun when we can't go outdoors.
Oooo, I'd luv ta catch a mousie!!!! Didja eat em???
Good job Cats! That's the thing I miss most about not being able to go outside. I miss the hunting. My specialty was garden moles however.
Furry good job guys!
does mouse taste like chick-hen?
Good job on catching the mousie, Flynn. It's good of you, Eric, to make sure that there are no messy remains lying around.
Yay! One less mousie. I had a mousie in my yard once, but it got away. Good job gettin that mousie.
Oh wowie a real live mousies??

Dat wuz furry excitin'!
Gud job Eric and Flynn!

purrrrrrrr! my Flynn the Mighty Hunter!
Ooooo Eric! Don't eat that!!

Wait 'till you get in the house and make the peeps give ya the stinky goodness. From a can. Like a Civilized kitty.

Yer vary vary brave. It cooda bin a vishus deer hiding in thare!
Hi Eric & Flynn. Thanks for visiting our site. We came to visit you! Wow, you are both such mighty hunters. Very impressive! All we have caught are crickets that invade the house and must be evicted! Mommy says that "Buddy Holly", the cricket who lives in the basement, is off-limits! She's crazy! :)
Excellent huntin' job!

I never hunted anythin' but bugs.
Well done! Between the two of you, you are the purrfect team!
Good catch guys! Mum says better outside than inside with mousies.
Oh yummy. A mousie. We knew you were such good hunters you'd get 'em. Keeps yur teefies clean.
What a wonderful cat you are to catch the mouse! It's a very useful thing. I think it might be fun, but you never know... I could break a nail...
Yeaaaa....but did yoo reely kill the mowsie? We like to play with fake mowsies but we dont know if we wuld be able to acshually kill the mowsie. Killur instinct! Yoo goo eric and flynn!!
How exciting catching a mouse. That is fun. I caught one a long time ago and put in front of Mom's computer. I don't think she appreciated my gift. I don't eat them but I sure like to play with them. Mom says you look like you live in some really pretty country. Looks like you can find lots of meeces there.

Mistrie likes to bring the mice to Momma and drop them by the door. Did you let your Momma get a close look

You are so lucky to catch a real live mousie!!!!! Chase used to catch them when they lived in a different place. Good detective work guys!!

(by the way, I'm Latte's sister :)
Hey, u are too lucky kitty...hehe got a mouse!! You too can check out my recent post on kitty-drollery . I hope u'll 've fun.

You are an honourable cat for giving credit where it was due. Good karma should be yours.

Outdoor mice taste better than indoor mice, IMHO. Hope you got to enjoy it!
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