Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Some holly Day pichurs

This is the hotel in Miami that our beans stayed in the night befurr thay came home. That's our mum stood by the fountain.

This is Cozumel. The brown an white bill-ding between the white one wiv an umber-ella ofurr it ant the one wiv a browny sort of roof is Senor Frog's. They haf been to Senor Frog's in Acupulco befurr, so sed thay had to go to this one. Dad sed mum had lots of Margy-greeters an it made her legs go wobbly, but thay sed it is fun in theer.

This is the ship thay sailed on, an mum wuz laying in a beech lownjer on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. (Thanks mum furr spelling that furr me)

This is the beach at Fort Law-Dee-Dale when thay started theer cruise.

Thay went to the Effurr-Glades an saw Allee-Gayters. Mum sed yoo cud put yer hand owt an touch them cuz thay wuz so close, but it wud not be a gud ideer.
In this water is live fishies!!! We sed why didn't yoo bring the live fishies home furr us insted of those stoopid mousie eers?

An thay seed live fev-vers too, but didn't bring them home either. An also we haf to say that efun though thay went an seen the big mousie an his frends, where's the pichurs of the beans weering mousie eers???
Those are beeuteeful picshurs where yur humans went. Beau Beau went with the humans on vay-cay-shun once at the tip of the Bahamas. The water is such purty blue green. Did yur humans get losted in that big ship they went on? Good fing they didn't they to pet the ally gator too. That wuz a nice trip. Next time you need to jump in the luggage wif them. Then you culd eat the fishes while you are there.
Oh nice photos. Momma went by Cozumel last year but it was right after Rita so they couldn't get off their boat thingy. Your Momma's vacation looks like fun.
Hi! I saw you over at the party. I'm sorry I missed talking to you. Thanks for the happy wishes for me and Brandi. I'm so happy.
Your beans went to a be-yoo-teful place. I can't believe the size of those fev-vers. Wow.
I put a linky to you on my site so I can keep in touch with you!
we knew we could count on you ta post picshures of whut's really 'portant - the tasty wildlife! fishies an fev-vers - yum! our Lady neffur wented on a vaykayshun where the whole point wuz ta relax an see stuff. she's startin' ta get ideas. we gotta go be extra cute now an get those ideas rite outta her hed
Ooo, that's a lot of purrty pichers! Are alligators good ta eat like lizards?
Do you mean your peeps went to the beach and left you in the garage with a computer....I'm surprised you didn't use it to buy yourselves plane tickets to someplace really cool like an african safari. Great pictures though. I'd be some po'd if I got mouse ears - don't they know you're a mouse eating maniac. Good that you put a big bitey on the ears. Thanks for visiting by the way. Good to see you. Come back and visit again sometime.
Lookie at all that sand!!
With all that sand my person would never have to scoop.

Those are furry nice pictures but we agree on the mouse ears. They are only fun when on a mouse. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO
Oooh. My mommy is furry jealous of this vaycayshun. It looks furry fun and beeyootiful.
Eeek! It's a good thing your humans didn't get eaten by an alligator, because then who would dish out your stinky goodness?

Your humans saw some furry pretty and interesting places. My mum likes the blue sea and the fishes. She is not sure she would like going on a cruise ship because she might want to get away from some of the people she was stuck on it with! Hopefully your humans had all nice people on their ship.
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