Friday, November 17, 2006


Furr Grr

Grr put her bee-yoo-tee-full pichur up furr me, so this one is furr yoo my luvly Grr. Mum cawls me her little hansum man, an *blush* I wud like to be yer hansum man too.
Woah! Sexy I'd say. She'll be butter in your paw.
Wow Flynn! That's a great shot. I bet she'll wanna snuggle with you when she sees that.
--- Beezer
Yes, Flynn, you are most handsome. Grr. is furry lucky.

::blush:: oh, purrrrrrrrr! yur so furry hansum! thank you! actually, I'll teleport right over to thank you...purrrrrrrrrrr!
That really is a great picture of you, Flynn. Grr asked me to print it out so she can hang it on the wall near the Blonde Girls bed, where she sleeps.
The Lady
You make a furry handsome couple.
You are most photogenic! I bet you could be a spokescat for a magazine or cat food or something!
Now all we need is a photo of the two of you together! Best wishes to your both.

Aw, you guys are sweet/hearts! What a flattering photo, Flynn!

Thanks for telling Mom about the lights (after anesthesia) - she didn't know, and those lights were really bothering me!
Hey,thanks for visiting my blog..A nice pic indeed,seem to njoy surfing!!hahah!!

Hope to get back soon..

take care
That's a great picture!
Oh wow, yoo two would make a grate cupple!! Vary attractive picktur, Flynn. We eggspeshully like yer computur platform and yer "I'm no I'm sexy" luk!
wanna come offur ta Diva Kitty's wif me fur sum crab?
Wow, great photo! Mommy is gonna have to post a special one for my sweet Brandi. Grr totally melted when she saw this!
I can see why your Mommy and Grr says you're handsum! Furry good pikshur!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
Ooh, handsome doesn't begin to describe you, big fella! Looking at you makes me feel oogy all over...

Furry nice pix-chur!

C'mon ofur to play wif da fev-vers!

Yu'll love playin wif Ping...yu too looks alikes! are rather handsome. Too bad you're too young for me. ;)
That is a most handsome pose of you Flynn. What a striking couple you'll make wif her beeoootuful eyes and yur sleek physique.
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