Saturday, November 25, 2006


Checking Holes

Efurry day we haf to check out all the holes in the feelds to see if theer is enny one home. This is a bunny's hole, but I can't see him.

I'll just put my arm down an see if I can feel ennyfing.........
Nope, no-one at home. I wunder if Eric is haffing better luck.

Theer's a ratty livs in this hole. He goes in the horsie stables an steals theer food and takes it down heer. Don't fink he's home either.

Mr.Bunny lives in this hole.Wunder how far I can get in wivout getting stuck.
Please be careful. WE had "a cat that went before" called Cali who losted part of her tail to a pack rat. Be warned.

I love to see those ginger bums with the tails twitching! Good hunting!
Oh good hunting! Careful
How nice to get out & go exploring! That looks like fun!
ooooh fun! when we come over fur the fezzunt party, can we check the holes too? we don't have any holes in our boring compartment we live in, an we got no outside.
purrs & cuddles!
Ace and I could say the same thing that Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said. We don't get out to play like you do. It does look like a lot of fun.
Nobody home for Eric and Flynn to visit with. Not very hospitable. They should at least invite you in for a spot of tuna juice.
Don't get stuck, Eric! You might have to stay there until you got thin enough to get out of the hole! Or perhaps Flynn could pull you out by the tail, but I don't think you would enjoy it.

I haven't been out in the garden all week. It's been rainy and windy, mum invites me to go out but I take one look outside and head for my cosy bed by the radiator...I am a fair weather kitty!
Oh my goodness be careful boys! We don't want you to getcher nose bited from somefin that might be down dem holes or efun a snakey. We knows you are good hunters but you nefur know. You sure look like yur in good shape too. Such nice colorful ginger furs you guys has.
Hope yoo two fownd lots of mowsies, fezzunts, and othur fun stuff fur owr party Monday!
here we come ta see the fezzunts!

wow! those is sum kinda beeyouteefull fev-vers - kin we pounce 'em?
I am SOOOO jealous. You get to go outside and dig in holes. Not fair. I just have couch monsters I try to catch but they aren't all that unpredictable.

Yes, please be careful! You never knows what's in a hole in the ground. It might be a monster. A ham-stealing monster.
Aren't you scared to put your arm in a hole if you don't know what's in there? I would be, but then again, you know where all the best holes are, I guess.

Wow, what and exciting life you guys have. We want to come live with you.
ed sez:

we are hafin' the bestest of times, ain't we, midnight sweetie?!
Don't get the bites put on you by the hole dwellers, That could hurts ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko kO
Owr lady is stuck at werk and not getting home fur another two howers! I keep luking at yer picktur and hoping owr lady gets home soon so she can help telaport us over to yer place!!
Watch out! Sometimes mean snakes live in them holes!
Hey, thanks for checking the post...I like your ginger group n am interested to put Maple up there..can you plzzzzzz tell me how to enter my Maple in your lovely grp??

take care
Hey, Eric, Rosie's kyoot. (She told me to say that...)!
Deer Eric-

Ive noticed the furst problum with owr attempts to hang owt. Owr lady told us thare is an 8 hour time diffurence between us!! That meens when its noon owr time its 8pm yer time. Why on eurth do thay have these stupid time dufferences!

How are we evur going to hang owt during the week...owr lady nevur lets us on the computer when shes at werk and yoo cant get on yer computur supur earlie! Argh... -Rosie
Look out!
Don't get stuck in it.
Years ago our Queen Beatrix had a little dog who also loved to check out rabbit holes.
And one day.....he didn't get home from his walk. They found him....stuck in a rabbit hole.
Uh.......dead ofcourse.
So.....don't do it!
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