Thursday, November 02, 2006


At last, a few pichurs

At last blogger has let us put some pichurs on. We hope we can do sum more tomorrow too.
This is one of the nasty boxes the beans put theer stuff in when they left us. Befurr they cud unpack it, we climbed on it an rolled all ofurr it to put our stink on it.We got loads of furrs on it an they won't want to go away again in a hurry.

This is the garij we had to live in. At the back yoo can see the door is open. That is acos they took our outdoor run away furrom the bedroom window an put it against the garij door so we cud get sum fresh air.

They washed all the floor and put a carpet down an then all our toys an skraching posts came out. They efun gave us a garden lounger each. The two ladies that came to feed us an play wiv us told the beans we were more settled this time an that we didn't seem to miss them. Mum sed that wuz good but she hoped we missed them a little bit.We didn't tell enny buddy that we had lots of visitors and that we did lots of visiting, an I don't fink she cud tell we had the compooter on one day.

Of all the good fings they cud haf brought us home, they had to bring mousie ears!!!I wouldn't keep them on an kept pushing them back afurr mum cud take my pichur. I am laid in the baf, and after, I got them off an but a big bitey on them.

As yoo can see, no I am not amewsed. Mousies are furr hunting an if I find the one who gave his ears to mum, I will sort him out reely good!!
Oh that garage looks very comfy. Don't let Bubbles see you in that mousie ears, he might try to hunt you! He loves hunting mousies, rats and birdies and presenting them to Mom. But you know all about that since you also like to hunt
What's this!! Are they trying to turn you into a rodent? No self respecting cat would wear mouse ears, especially ones with a pink bow! You definitely need to put the bite on those things.
Mousie ears? Beans are crazy.

That garage looks like a good place to hang out, though, while the beans were gone. Especially with the outdoor area.
That a very big garage.Sorry to say yet I think you look so cute in the mouse ears.
I'm glad they made the garage cosy for you and gave you a run to go in. But the mouse ears...really!! what an indignity!!!
Wow lots of room in your garaj to stay in. We did have lot of fun teleporting in. Plus, put the bitey on those funny ears.
that's as bad as dressin' ya up as a woofie would be! we're gonna hafta send you sum REAL PURRESENTS since yur people duzzn't seem ta haf much common sense.

Oh I can't believe they finally came back and then put funny EARS on you! What were they finking? They should have immediately given you lots and lots of stinky goodness (not that we didn't have lots of that when we came to visit, hee hee). Glad the beans are home so you can finally come out of the garaj.
but but but, that hat has PINK on it. PINK is not a boy color. oh my.
Hey, I'm glad that the folks are back and they had a good time. Make sure that they give you lots of treats to make up for all that you missed while they were gone.

Oh, and behind the sofa is a good place to hide stuff like the mousie ears.

We're glad you had such a nice space to spend your time and that you could get fresh air. We had lotsa fun visitin' you!

We're sorry your computer wasn't workin' right and you couldn't get to the party, we missed you two!
Mom thinks the mousie ears look cute on you. But I can see that you are not amused, and I'm with you I don't think I would like to have them either. At least they should have been blue. Sounds like you had a good holiday as well as your Mom and Dad with all the visiting you did.

How was your Guy Fawkes night? I hope it wasn't as noisy where you are as it was here in London. It was VERY noisy and not just for the one night!
Wow, yoo are dressed up as a mowse and its aftur halloween!?!?! That's just silly. Glad yoo are on the lukowt fur a mowse to give yer ears too.

Addishinally, yoo luk like yoo have a pretty cul garaje with TONS of hiding places. Yoo bowth must be vary busy eggsploring
Well, the garage looks comfier than the mouse ears! How humiliating.
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