Tuesday, October 31, 2006


They're back!!!

The beans are home!!! Oh we are so happy now. Last night we all went to bed togevver, but furrst dad sed he wanted to weigh me to see if my bones had got enny bigger, but guess what! I'm still 21lbs. Mum finks I may haf put on an ounce or two cuz befurr the scales flickered at 21 lbs, but now they are steady, but she sed she duzn't mind that, an Flynn is still 13 lbs.
When we went to bed, I laid on dad's head like I always used to, then I laid on mum's shoulder so she wouldn't feel left out. Flynn got right in an snuggled up to mum, an I heard her keep saying "ouch, ouch" cuz he kept sticking his claws in her tummy cuz he wuz happy. He wuz going reely silly and giving her extra hard headbutts too, an I fink he purred too much too, cuz today mum sed his purr sounds like a horse. She should know better, cuz effurryone knows that horsies say neiiiggghhhhh.
Today we all went furr a walk round the fields togevver, an we wudn't let mum out of our site. Flynn kept walking in furront of her an neerly tripping her up. Then he caught a mouse an he gave it to me in case mum dis- a-peered while he wuz eeting it.
We wuz furry dis-a-poyntid wiv what they brought us home. We asked furr luxury Fancy Feast, Greenies, more fev-vers, an toys that are diffurrent to what we get here. Guess what they got us. Ordinary Fancy Feast, anuvver floofie cat, an wurst of all-Micky Mouse ears that they only thought we wud wear. What an indignity!!!!! Mum sed they cudn't find the rite shops to buy what we wanted, but she sed when they were on the way to the airport, they passed a Wal-Mart, so next time she will know where to go.
We hafn't told the beans yet about all the fun we had while they were away. We were effurr so bizzy. Furrst of all we went an visited Abby in Flo-ree-da. We thought about Sir-Prizing them in Orlando, but thought we may get in trubble so didn't do that. Ennyway we's herd that mice live there that are bigger than us!! Then Grr, Midnight and Cocoa came offurr several times to visit, an we visited them too. Grr and Flynn kept going off on walks togevver. Flynn sed he wuz taking her too see all the best mice and fev-vers. Then Fat Eric invited us up. Sanjee and all the uvvers furrom HOT(m)BC had come ofurr to see us, so we all went togevver to see Eric, and he showed us the sights of London, an we went on the Millenium Wheel an had Niptinis and Tem-Tay-Shuns. It was a bit skeery cuz the wheel went efurr so high in the air. Beau Beau and Angie came an visited us. She is so dainty an has the biggest floofiest tail I haf efurr seen.Then we went an saw Rosie and Cheeto,Beau and Ariel. After that Derby came to see us, then Smeagol and Strider, Gemini and Chey, then Tilly and Toby, Brandi and Casper. The beans sed we looked tired out, an sed "How can yoo get that tired in the garij?" We just looked at each uvver an smiled.
We haf lots of pichurs to put on, but bad blogger wouldn't let us do enny. We hope we can tomorrow. It's great to be back!!!!!
YAY!! We is glad your beans is back. It's always so good to snuggle that ferst night they is home.
Oh, thank goodness, your beans are home! Extra snugglies are always nice when the beans have been gone a long time.
YAY! THEY'RE BACK! an that's furry nice of you guys ta be all cuddly sweet after they abandoned you like that. you are gonna go back an read efurry werd efurrybuddy wrote while you wuz gone, aren't you? 'specially be shure ta see our blog frum yesterday where Grr's grring

note frum Grr: I had ta Grr - Midnight wuz tryin' ta take my fev-ver toy!
We are so glad your beans are back! Now you can run outside again and catch mousies. Happy Hallowen.
Yay! You're back! As you will see from my blog I had a purrthday while you were gone, but don't worry, I saved some cake for you if you want to come over!
I will look forward to the pictures. Blogger is being furry bad lately. It took furever for me to get to upload ONE today!
Happy Day! They're back and your back!!! The blogosphere just isn't the same without you guys.
I wouldn't let my Mom outta my site effur iffen she lefted me.
Hoppy Days!
Glad your beans are home. We did have fun visiting.
Hurray, you're back! And your beans are home safe!
Be extra cuddly with them for a few days-they love that.
Glad to hear no body wasted away from starvation....
So glad to hear your beans are back and that your happy :)
We're happy your family is back home. But you guys had quite a hectic social schedule in their absence! It's good to keep busy.
We're glad that your family is reunited. And now you can go out into the fields again! Hooray!

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