Wednesday, October 04, 2006


A Big Poodin

Our mum saw this pichur in the noospayper today. It makes some of us big poodins look small an streamlined!!

We don't know if the riting will biggify enuff to read, so he is cawled Timmy an he ways 28 lbs.!!! Just look at his hed, it's as big as the girl's!!!
He has to sleep in a woofie baskit, an he's got a woofie kennel. Wot's that abowt? Poodins sleep on the bed.
It sez he only has 1 can of Stinky goodness a day, an he's always been a big boy.He's furry actif an climbs trees an chases the birdies.

Note: The pichur will biggify, but the writing won't.
Oh my! He sure is a big'un. He must be part Ragdoll acoz they gets really big. He would squish Angie to death if he ever rolled ofur her tiny body.
Oh my...he would sqwish me if he was around..I am only a little bit bigger than 5 pounds.


Oooh, what a big, cuddly boy! He's even bigger than Fat Eric and Sir Ed and they're pretty big!
i bet he could beat up Toby when he picks on me...
Oh my goodness! I hope Kismet doesn't see that, he doesn't like anyone to be bigger than he is...

That kitty scares me a little, but he might be nice.
It doesnt matter if it biggifies or not, Momma is still not too good in the seeing department. She wants to thank you for all the nice words in her comments!

Oh my goodness. HUGE! What else can I say.
whoa! our Lady wants ta cuddle him. she loves 'em big an fluffy!
Whoa...that is a BIG kitty! He makes me feel positively petite. My mum would like to cuddle him too, she likes us big floofy boys. I will have to eat more so I don't feel inadequate.
Would you two like to come and visit me while your humans are away? I could show you the sights of London!
Wow! He either puts the rest of us to shame or else it's a relief to know that us big Cats are okay and not overweight as some of our V-E-Ts have accused us of being.
Oh, and congrats to Eric for being Kat's Cat of the Day!
DONT BIGGIFY THE PICKTUR...thats a humongus cat. This is amazing picktur and the fact that this kittie needs to live like a dawgie is crazy.
omigos, that is a big boy. I thought 16 lbs of Speedy was a lot, but that is one huge kitty! See mom, I'm not a "big ole freak", I'm smaller than that cat.
Mom here - Speedy is called a big ole freak for reasons other than his size. Like his running in front of you at 60 mph and then stopping and falling over so we trip on him.
I got some catchin' up to do now. I think I need a second dinner.
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