Thursday, October 05, 2006


Another lock up!!

I am so sad. The beans are going to Mericky an leaving us locked in the garij. Haf yoo efurr herd ennyfing so krool? Dad stood on the bafroom scales to way the big black box that thay haf put theer clothes in, so I sat on them so he cud way me an then I cud go wiv them. Yoo can see my face is reely sad, I just don't know what I am going to do.

Yep, it's not too gud heer at the moment. Flynn tried to way himself, an I'm trying to hide unner the hej so thay can't find me to lock me up.

I'm so sad I just don't know what I'm doing enny more. I efun tried to get in Flynn's new bed which wuz part of the purrize from Grr Midnight an Cocoa, an it's a bit small furr me.

Eric! Did I hear yoo menshun Grr? She sed she is coming to visit me. Maybe fings aren't so bad after all. And Fat Eric has invited us up to visit him in London while the beans are away.Oh I do feel a bit better now. Maybe I'll just scat these noospaypers around a bit.If enny uvver poodins want to visit us, we haf loads of Tem-tay-shuns an Stinky Goodnees we can share.

Our mum sed thay will be home sumtime on the 30th. but thay may be jet lagged. (Wot's that mean?) so she may not be able to start the compooter furr us until November 1st. We told her that's too long to not be able to talk to our frends, but she just sed ,sorry but I can't do it enny kwikker.
So we will miss yoo all, but we will be back as soon as we are freed.
is someone going to look after you? oh no! that's such a long time
Eric and Flynn

NO FAIRS! They can't just leaf yu like dat. Dat is too long...


How wood yu like to come visit me in Mericky? I lives in Flur-ee-da, yu and Flynn can come visit anytime.

Oh, that is a long time to go without cuddles from your mum and dad but I'm sure you can get some attention from the person who feeds you. Flynn will miss going out hunting I'm sure. I'll look forward to your visit for my Gotcha Day, I'll make sure there are lots of treats around! My mum is going to Paris for a few days just before then but she is coming back the day before my special day so that's OK. Hope your humans have a lovely time in Mericky.
Oh how awful! Oh no, that is sad. I bet you will miss your beans so much. I can't imagine.

I think they should take you on the trip too.
we hope someone gonna come and check on and make sure yiu got plenty of food and water and a clean litter.
They are leaving you alone from now until the 30th? That is very sad. We hope you guys will be OK.
We will look out for you guys in November. We'll miss you!
I think you two should get to go, too! You'd have a lot of fun here.
purrrrrrrrr! I'll be offur during the days while the Blonde Girl is in school. purrrrrrrrrrrrr!

that's so not fair! ya gotta put the bitey on efurryfing ya can. oh, an pee on their lug-gij.

You're gonna be in the garage? Hmmmmm...aren't there crawly things in garages? I'm coming over too!
Oh Guys! We'll miss you. Hopefully someone is looking after you?
Oh my goodness! In jail fur all that time? Maybe you shud try to get in their luggage anyway and come to meriky to visit us. What part of Mericky are they going to? We's in Connecticut close to New York City. Are they going near there? If you gets lonely we'll teleport ofur to visit you though.
Oh no, locked in the garage again. Hey, my mum is going away, I am going to teleport over to the UK to visit and cheer you up.
Poor Eric. Poor Flynn. Those pictures of you two say it all.
Oh no, that's a long time! We're sure your beans will miss you, though. We'll be over to keep you company!
Stay wif Fat Eric ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Oh that's a long time to go without your Momma. We can teleport over--Chey and I and spend time with yous too. I wish Momma could teleport. She'd come and give you scritches.
We'll be over to visit,too. We're bringing some goodies, so we all can have a party! Nip, shrimptinis and Stinky Goodness for all!
Tilly and Toby
I will come over to keep you company if you want. Mama would love to come too, but I don't think beans can teleport. Hope someone is coming to feed you and make sure you have water and a clean litterbox, and maybe give a few scritchies, too.
When our beans take shot trips they have a nice lady come play with us each day. The garage would be scary - lot of spiders! Hope you beans had a safe trip.

Hey, by the way, thanks for comin' over and playing in our caption contest!
OH my goodness, do yoo want to come ovur and live with us until yer peeple get back? If yoo do hear are directshuns...

1. Take a boat ovur the watur to the US.
2. Jump on a grayhownd dawg which will take yoo across the countrie
3. Hitch a ride frum a guy name "bart" who takes peeple into the "city"
4. Take the bus to owr is next to the dawgie park by the blu box. We will luk owt the cat tv fur yoo.

See yoo two soon. Come ovur anytime
Goodness that's a long time to be away from your Mom and Dad. I'm sure you will have company with all these kitties transporting to visit. Count me in too. Sure hope your Mom and Dad has a good time. But I bet it would have been better if they could have taken you. I'm sure they are going to miss you too.

I'm coming offur in the morning, as soon as the Blonde Girl goes to school.
Sorry you's gonna be in jail. We'll all come visit, tho. That'll be fun! Maybe we can go see Fat Eric too, or get him to come visit at the same time. The neighbors might get suspishus of all the caterwaulin, but oh well. That'll teach your beans to leave you. heheheh
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
I can teleport there or mom said you can teleport here if you get too lonely. Just let me know when you're coming (or when you want me to come).
That's a very long time to us kitty's.
Hope they leaves lots of food.You can visit me if you wants.I gots lots of Fancy Feast ,Temptations and Tuna.
wanna spend the weekend wif us?
We are worried about you being locked up for a whole month!

Piney woods Girls
I hope you am holding up ok in the garaj. Are you sure you am ok? We might have to pop over to check on you.
Congratulations, Flynn! Today you are Kat's Cat of the Day! Look, it's at
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