Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Who are you laughing at?

What do yoo mean,haf I been in the hay barn?

Hahaha, ROFL!!!
Eric what do yoo look like?
HAHAHAHA. those are great pikshurs!
You two have such fun pikshurs. I wish I had hay to get on my face!
Heehee!! That's FUNNY!!!Efun MOmma wuz ROTFLHAO. He looks like a vish-us deer!!!
that's got to be the greatest cat-laugh picture ever!
Ha, ha. That is hilarious.
Hee heee hee hee hee!! You kitties are so funny!
Hahahahahahahahaha! Very very good!!!
Bwhhaaaahhh! Sorry, but that am furry funny. He does look like a vish-us deer! Hee hee. We still luvs him tho.
You guys are just too much.
I sometimes end up with spidey webs on my head when I 'spolore the dungeon. You look cute with the straw on your head.
hehehehe! I dunno, why do you fink they thot you mighta been in the hay thingy? hehehehe!
Hahahaha, what grate pickturs. We eggspeshually luv the laffing! Way to captshure the moment!
Did you find nmore snakes under the hay?????
Great pictures, guys!
*snort* heh heh. Eric, you've got to be careful not to get caught out in an embarrassing position when the paparazzi are around, OK?
Hahaha! Those are very funny pictures. I especially like the laughing cat one.
I do like that straw hat on your head Eric. Looking good! I was wondering why Flynn was laughing so hard, I thought it looked good. I also have to say, watch out what you are doing with a Mom and the flashy thing hanging around.

roflot(tails)o!!! furry good pictures!! pretty stylish chapeau, there, eric--flynn oughtn't laught THAT hard about it!
That is so funny - a hay hat! We are laughing too!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your hay hat!! those is great pikshurs!
Hahahaha! We are ROTFL!
Ahhh, yu bin attaked by the hay! Don't let it skweeze yore hed!
hahahaha, Hay Hat Harry! Sorry, gess it wuzent dat funny, wate, no it wuz dat funny.
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