Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We need advice

Can ennyone help our mum. Last night she put a Neoworks counter on our bloggie, an didn't notice ennyfing was wrong till Petey asked where our archives were. They've gone!!! She says she knows she didn't delete them by axydent, but they's not efun on the template, but all our posts are on dashboard. If ennyone can giv her advise how to put them back we will be effurr so gratefull. That's what happens when yoo let the beans use the compooter wivout keeping an eye on them.She's not furry good wiv compooters.
We'd like to say fanks to Mary Lynn furr helping us get our Ark-hives sorted out, an giving our mum a few uvver tips like how to space fings out. An also we wants to say fanks to efurrybody else who offurred to help us.
We've had problems with my blog in the past too. Did your mum save a copy of the template before making changes? My mom says you might try the blogger help group.

If you go to my blog and click on the email button, you can send my mom an email and she can try to help.
Momma isn't good with that stuff either. It seems like it shouldn't be so hard.
Did you try the "clear edits" button. Maybe it will undo your latest changes. We are just learning html, but will be happy to help any way we can. If that doesn't do it you may have to type the code in manually. We use site meter for our counter and its at the bottom of the page. We did the same thing as you and I think that was what we did to undo it. I'm not sure though, I've slept since then.
uh-oh! we're gonna send ML (KC & Missy's momma) - she'll know what ta do.

Flynn - did you see my video? purrr!
Hi there, Grr just left me a message.

When you say ARCHIVES are missing, did you have a specific section titled ARCHIVES? Your LINKS are way down at the bottom, you probably knew that.

I made a copy of your template and made some tiny changes that allow the new counters (which are very neat, btw) to have more space.

A lot of bloggers are choosing to have the LINKS sections load down below the blog content. Did you want it that way or did it Just Happen?

Let me know...ML

PS: Thanks Grr!
purr! isn't ML smart and nice? we loves her!
Hope you get it fixed!

Eric & Flynn - I don't know if you've ever visited my Kat's Cat of the Day site, as there are so many sites to keep up with. But, I am currently looking kitties who would like to be posted as cat of the day! If you're interested, email me a picture of each of you w/a short paragraph about you to kats2boyz@yahoo.com. You could also click the Submit Your Kitty link on the Kat's Cat site. Hope to be hearing from you!
hi Flynn! I AM furr-o-shuss, but I wanted you to see that I haf a cuddly side ta my purrsonality too...but only fur those I really like a whole lot...(*wink*)
Yes, mum says the firstest thing to do before making any huge changes to the blog template is to copy the old one into your word processing progam.

But she suggests that you see if you can look at original template and copy that part back in.
I did something like that the other day, made a change and the whole thing went wonky. I had Mom Google my blog name and then look at the cached page. Then I looked at the page source (depends on what browser you use as to where to find that on the top menu). I copied that page into a text editor and then compared that to the template I use and made changes to the template where needed. It was kind of time-consuming but I got my blog back. Now I've made a copy of my template and keep it safe because even though I'm a smart tiny boy I don't want to go through that again!
I hope someone helps you because I'm not good at explaining it via typing. I'm one of those cats that needs to be face-to-face with you in order to help you for some odd reason.
When you pasted the html code into the template it prolly jus moved somefin in the wrong place. I finks someone polly helped you already wif that. But the advice to save the template afore big changes is a good idea. We don't want to lose our archives eifur.
The links on the bottom happend to us one time too. It was acoz one of the picshurs was to biggy and it forced the links side to the bottom. So you might want to check that.
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