Thursday, September 14, 2006


Waiting fer a mousie

Mousies live in this hedge. I've caught loads here an I was just walking past an I heard a noise. So here I am waiting fer my mousie. His days (minutes) are numbered.

I see him. I's getting ready to pounce. I just hope no bad horsies come and snuffle my butt while I's consert- racing......
note: The horsie just watched, an I did get my mousie.
Yoo can biggify all our pichurs if yoo want to.
Our Mum really likes your farm. We think it would be a great place to live with all kinds of critters to catch and nice soft hay to sleep in. Of course, it's a very responsible job managing the beans who manage it!
Oh that looks fun to have a horsie and be able to hunt mousies! I might even be braver if I got to do that all the time!
Oh, nice mousie!
Bubbles caught one a couple of days ago. He just left me the two hind legs. And then naturally he barfed all over the carpet -m ouse hunting completed.
Yay for Flynn, the great and mighty hunter.
mmmmm - sounds tasty! ya know, ya gotta tell that horsie that it's rude ta snuffle yur butt any time, but when yur busy huntin it's 'specially inconsidderit
Excellent mousing. You're a credit to our species Flynn.
I wants to catch mouses when I gets big!
You live on an amazing piece of land! How wonderful that must be to have horsies and mice all over the place to keep you company? Congratulations on catching your mouse of the day! Enjoy!
Mama said you can come visit us in Mericky and chase mice at our place anytime!
Good that you had a successful hunt. Glad you didn't get your butt snuffled. hehehe
Well done! And did you eat it? Back in my younger years (I'm 15), I was quite the hunter, and I ate most all my kills. I even had a special "kill zone" where I'd bring my dead prey and eat it. Jake is just a sport hunter; he never eats his kills. He likes to show them to Mom and Dad and get praise.

Hey, good going Eric. Caught that mouse!! I have caught mouses before but not lately. I hear them but they don't come out. I just have to settle for froggies lately. Would like to catch a mouse again. I put one in front of Mom's computer once but I don't think she liked my gift to well. Just don't understand why??

Flynn, sorry I called you Eric, must be age related.

Good job on catching your mouse of the day. I'm glad the horse just watched and didn't come snuffle your butt.
That am a beeeuuutiful picshur of farm life. Nice horsie too. Glad you got your mousie. Helps to clean yur teef when you eat him.
I hope you bring the mousies to show to your Momma. They love that!

Wow, not onlie do yoo get to go outside but yoo have gigantic horsies and lil mice all arownd yoo. Thats soooo cul! We have dawgies all arownd us but thay are outside.....we see them thru the cat tv's but its not the same as yer eggsperiences.
What concentration ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Hi Eric and Flynn. I've definitely never met you before, but I know Fat Eric and he's a really cool dude. I live in Alberta Canada and don't get to go outside where the mice are. My lady peep says if I'm patient that maybe a mouse will come inside this winter, like last winter and then it will be mine to catch and play with. Keep your fingers crossed that winter comes soon.
Are you STILL waitin' for that mousie???
purrrrrrrrrr...hello Flynn...purrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Awesome photo---poor mousie---I mean, lucky you!
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