Monday, September 18, 2006


Packij furrom Mericky

Look, our packij furrom Mericky has arrived. It's our purrize from Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's compytishun. Come on Flynn, move over an let me see.

Look at all these luvly fings we's got. There's reel Ostrich fev-vers on a wand. Muuummmm what's ostrich? What do yoo mean, it'a bird that duzn't fly? Then why's he got fev-vers. Does he grow them speshully fer kitties? We got Tem-tay-shuns. We's nefurr had them befurr, and they are the yummiest fing I's effur had.An we got Nip an fev-ver balls an Fancy Feast. That was tasty, mum gave us our yooshull sashays later an we said, "Mum what do yoo call this, we want Fancy Feast or nuffin" She said "Sorry boys it's nuffin then" Oh yeah, we had Greenies too, but Eric didn't want them, so they are all mine. Yummy, yummy yummy.

See that carrot? Well it's got Nip in it, an I'm not sharing it. It's the bestest fing of all. I took it outdoors an rolled all ofurr it, then I brought it back in an rolled on it again. Keep yer paws off it Flynn.We got a big packet of Nip too, an that is what I am sniffing here.
Fanks yoo so much Grr, Midnight and Cocoa and mum Karen.
We got more pichurs, but blogger wouldn't let us do it fer 2 days, so we will do sum more later.
Feathers! I LOVE Feathers!!!! Okay I have a habit?
You guys got a load of good stuff! Make your mom order fancy feast on the internet! Just purr real loud & rub her ankles & she'll do it!
Cor, what great presents! It will take you ages to get through all those treats...what am I saying, Big Eric will polish them off in no time!
What a nice lot of presents you got! Our Mum loves the intense looks on your faces while you inspect the goodies. Enjoy them!
Love those ginger bums!
we're so furry glad ya likes 'em all. we had fun pickin 'em out an doin 'quality control' (that means we tasted the fev-vers furst)

hi Flynn! *wink*
Wow, you got lotsa good fun and yummy stuff!
Wow, lots of goodies. Have fun with the toys and enjoy the treats. You scored.
Wow, I like your feathers! Thanks for visiting us. Could we see some detailed pictures of your outdoor area? Our humans want to make us something so we can go out whenever we want and we'd like some ideas.

P.S. Where's your archives?
I've got that carrot toy also! It's pretty fun to kick and chew!
Wow, what a lot of great loot!
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