Saturday, September 02, 2006


My Friend

Well I've tried to ignore Bella Jellycat, but she keeps trying to make friends wiv me, an she hasn't pinched my Stinky Goodness or been sleeping in the best places so..........

Maybe she's not so bad after all

In fact she makes a good pillow.
Awwwww! I hate to say it, but these are such adorable pictures! You look like you have a very special friend there in Bella!
I think yoo know how to use bella to yer advantege. She luks like she makes a fabulous pellow.

Just put yer awesum blog on owr linkies. Sorry we didnt do it sunner!
I want a Belly Jellycat of my own! She looks much more cuddully than my big bruther Mao!
Oh my goodness, you efun slept on her. That am the cutest picshur.
That is so sweet. I use mum's teddy bear as a pillow too. sweet. I want to kiss that furry head.

CalicoMom Toni
Dude, that's kinda...cute. :)
Well, Bella Jellycat looks comfy, that's for sure. It's not her fault she looks funny.
Eric and Flynn, my new big brother, Rascal just figgured out how to leave comments when mean old blogger won't let us. He chose "anonymous" and left his comment and just signed "Rascal" so everykitty would know who he was.

I like Bella Jellycat. I would play with her real hard cuz she looks like my kinda toy.
You do look mighty comfortable using that fake cat as a pillow. Wouldn't mind having one of my own.

Awwwww....cute! Admit it, you are just a big softy!
we knows yur a big macho man cat, but there's nuffen wrong wif havin a cuddly furrend. bein cute like that gets ya whateffur ya wants
Ohhh. That is so cute. You 2 are like two peas in a pod.
Aw, that's furry cute. Bella looks like a good furriend.
Bless!! :)
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