Friday, September 08, 2006


My favourite toy

This is Scruffy Rat. He is the bestest toy that I haf got. Mum got him fer us when we were baby kitties, an I likes to throw him around and run round wiv him in my mouf.

I like to put the bitey on him too. He has lost most of his stuffing and gone all Fred Bear, but that's the way I like him.We haf uvver ratties too, and mum says "Why don't you play wiv Tidy Rat?" an I says "No fank you mum".Then she says "Ok then Eric, At least you are lively when you are playing wiv Scruffy Rat"
you know, our mommy has this pink bunny rabbit that is dressed in these silly jammies, that she has hadded since she was 5 years old - that's 9 squillion sleeps ago - and she complains when we likes to play if our old Fred Bear toys too. We don't tell her that we're gonna frow out Bun-Bun, but she freatens to frow out our toys. NOT FAIR.
Eric, sumtimes the oldest, scruffiest toys are the bestest. They're well loved. Bonnie had one crinkle ball she'd fetch an ignore the ofurs. Well, I camed along, an I decided that crinkle ball, her favorite, was the bestest - she was right - so now it's my favoritest. But she won't play wif it no more. She says I've ruined it.
they must make lotsa those Fred Bear toys cause we has one too. it's name is Purr-ahh-na an has stuffin comin outta where the fin usta be. Grr runs 'round the house wif Purr-ahh-na in her mouf an growls. plus sumtimes she gives Purr-ahh-na a baf in our water bowl.
I have a mousey who has nothing but a hard black inside, no fur, no eyes, no tail, nothing! DO you think it is dead??

Sometimes our firstest toy is the bestest, no matter what it looks like. Mum even has a teddy bear that is fred bare too. He is over 40 years old but mum will keep him forever.
You practically just got it broken in!
A fav'rite toy is a fav'rit toy no matter how scruffy they get. They're still the bestest!

Patches, your fav'rite toy can't be dead if it's still fun to play with!

Scruffy rat must be like an old furrendly blankie. Yur smells are all ofur him and he's jus the right size.
rats is always bestest :)
I have a Fred Bear monkey. I used to hide it from my human brother so he couldn't get it. We used to play American football with it and I would always win. Hmmm, I wonder where old monkey is now. Think I'll go take a look and see if I can find him.
Eric, I like your rat. Looks kind of real. Mom bought Cleo a rat, but the darn thing is yellow. Have you ever seen a yellow rat?? Well, come to think of it maybe a rat could be yellow in nature but this thing is yellow in color. Yuk!!

You look so happy playing with Scruffy Rat, Eric. My favourite thing is my Giant Scratchy Mouse, I love to lie on him and hug him, and every now and then I go mental and start scratching him to bits!
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