Friday, September 29, 2006


My faverit tree stump.

When I am walking in the feelds, I always like to visit my faverit tree stump cuz it makes a gud lookout post.This is my king of the jungle pose.

It makes a furry gud skraching post too.
That is a furry nice stump. I see trees outside my window, but I am not allowed to go outside. I think it would be nice to scratch on a tree instead of my scratching post every once in a while.

Oh, and you look very much like the King of the Jungle in that pose!
Real wood is the best for scratching on.
oh yes - that's an EXCELLENT pose! we wanna get our claws into sumfin like that, but we don't haf an outside ::sigh::

hey Flynn, Cocoa's been hoggin the bloggie wif his pic-shures recently, but I'm gonna put a stop to that so you can see more pic-shures of me. purrrrrrrrrrrs!
You look very regal, Flynn. Seen any more snakes lately?
Oh what a big old stump you had. Georgia looked furry much like she would have liked to scratch on it too. She says it's a good stump
Oops, I am SORRY Eric, I meant Eric not Flynn, OF COURSE!!!
You're definitely King of the Jungle there. I want a scratching post like that!
King of the ginger kitties, master of all he can see.
I can see why you like that stump - it's perfect and sets you off very nicely!
Great picture! You look like that guy in the Titantic movie when he's hanging off the front of the ship.
Excellent stump! Every Cat should have one.
Great pose.I don't have a stump cause I'm a indoor kitty yet it looks like fun
You sure do look good in that pose on the tree stump. King of the jungle with a really good lookout point. By the way was there anything to look out for??

Yoo luk vary nice in yer jungle powse. Kinda like that simba in that grate lion moovie!

Do yoo think they make one of those "stumps" fur the indoors. Its probablie vary eggspesive but we want one!
We can see that you are keeping a lookout over your domain. Good Job.
Such a good scratching post. Yur nails must be in really good shape. Bet it feels good too!
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