Thursday, September 21, 2006


More pichurs of our purrize

We got Fancy Feast. It was luxury ,not like the food mum yooshully givs us. We's told her to bring home a sootcase full furrom Mericky when they go.

Hmm Tem-tay-shuns. I's herd bout them, they looks inchresting

I's got a new bed wiv all shreddy papers so's I can play in it as well.That's our new Ostrich fev-vers beside me. I fink Grr must hav chose those furr me cuz I reely reely like them.

Dad wuz playing Ostrich fev-vers on the bed wiv me. Yoo can just see his arm in the mirror.

Quick Flynn, come and look, I's found sumfing wiv a citing smell. Wonder what it is?

I can't come now Eric, I's bizzy wiv these Tem-tay-shuns.

Uh oh I fink I's ate too many now I need a nap.

Flynn!! It's nip!! We's nefurr had reel nip afore, an this smells good. Now I haf to try an open it.

Hehehe While Eric's bizzy wiv that nip, I's pinched his nip carrot.I's rolled on it an chewed on it an now I's giving it headbutts.
wow, lots of nice stuff and NIP too. Oh and fancy feast, that's the primo stinky goodness!
Good treats, guys! You got the royal treatment. We can't believe you never had real nip before- maybe your Mum could grow some.
Oh wow! It looks like such fun. I like the box you guys.
we're furry glad yur enjoyin yur purrizes. the Lady's gonna try ta get the rest of the boxes out this weekend. good fing yur momma's the smart type who knows that boxes an shreddy paper ARE NOT TRASH. sum silly people throw them away! kin yoo imagin? where are yur people goin on vay-kay-shun? kin they bring yoo? yoo kin stay wif us an we'll show yoo all the bestest shopping - Petsmart, Petco, places like that.

Flynn, not only did I pick out the orange & white ostrich fev-vers 'specially fur you, but I rubbed all over them before I sended them. purrrrrrr!
by the way - how does blogger let ya put a squillion pic-shures on there? we neffur can get more than 5.
You two are wild & crazy! That is the new formula Fancy Feast cans you got! We just tried some of the turkey kind and the tuna kind and think they are totally deelish! Heh, Heh, Heh. Fun with nip!!!
Wow, you got lots of gifties. Lucky guys.
You guys are having 53 way of fun with all of your goodies.
You are having so much fun!!!!!!! Great pictures.
It looked like you had a great party of your own with all those presents. You deserved them. Lovely photos.

NO WAY. we nevur knew papur came in all those diffurent sizes. Were going to ask owr lady to get us "papur shreeds"

BTW, yoo both luk sooooo cute togethur!
Flynn, you are so sneaky! Great photos, looking at the Fancy Feast one made my mouth water...
Stinky Goodness, nip, and feathers? Not bad at all. I'm just surprised you guys never had real nip before. Isn't that like cat abuse?
Me again. Is Flynn any good at catching frogs? Because I have a problem.
Someday, when you're tired of it, can I have that box with the paper in it? :) Wonderful photos of wonderful cats!
Those are some terrific gifts! Between the Temptations and Fancy Feast, you two were in heaven. However, may I suggest you do the nip in moderation so as not to have a humdinger of a hangover in the morning?
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