Tuesday, September 05, 2006



This is my most faverit cushun in the whole world. It's in the old falling down woodshed. The Befurrus cats used to sleep there sumtimes, and when they had all gone ofurr the Rainbow Bridge, mum kept the cushions there furr Kitty Yum Bum cos she was sad, and then she could cuddle up to it and still smell them.Then one day I went in there and dis-cuvvered it. BLISS!!!!

It's reely old and smelly. It's luvly. I goes in and rubs and rubs all ofurr it. Mum calls it my silly cushun. I asked if I could haf it indoors, but she said it stinks too much, but now it's got my stink on it.

My eyes go all funny and I drools all ofurr it, but I reely reely luv my cushun.Just look at my tung.

I've got anuvver confeshun. The uvver day I caught live fev-vers. I'm not allowed to catch live fev-vers, cos mum makes me let them go. Well the uvver day mum wasn't looking, and there were all these sparrows in the tree laffing at me.So I jumped in the tree and caught one. When mum came outdoors, all she saw was me washing my chops and a little pile of innards and one wing!!I got a telling off, but I don't care cos it tasted good. Here is a pichur of me looking round all guilty cos I've been caught. See that wing by my foot.Next day the innards had gone so anuvver cat must haf been around, or it may haf been Mr. Fox. I don't fink it was the vishus deer acos they would need more to eat than that.
Your cushion looks lovely! I could hide from Toby there and be private from the world.
I think you were very clever to catch a real bird. The kitties who Went Before were fierce hunters. For some silly bean reason, it's OK to catch mice but not birdies. Don't they know how tasty birds are?
Oooo, you is fast enough to catches live fevvers? Nasty ol fevvers to make fun of you. You must be a furry good hunter.
Maybe The Befurrus Cats used the pillow to hide their Catnip stash in. I see some nice pokey holes in it. Perfect places for a little nip.
Oh that cushion looks comfy. I think I would like it too, particularly if it had the smell of another cat that I liked on it, like Georgia.
Oh, nice live fev-vers. Bubbles also likes to catch them, and then I have to save them. Last night he caught a mouse and I had to go outside in the middle of te night to set it free!
ya really does love that cush-un, doesn't ya? an ya drools on it an efurrything? NICE!

so that wing got eated by sumfing else? there's nuffin left? ::sigh:: way ta go wif eatin most of it before yur momma found out!
Mum founded a hurted bird tonight as she mowed the lawn. She couldn't blame me, I haven't been outside.
We just saw that your beans are coming to Boston. If your Mum writes to us, we would be happy to recommend places to visit and restaurants. Also, could you please tell them to bring you two to visit?
Your cushion looks very comfortable. I have a cushion all my own too. I have caught Gizmo sleeping on it yesterday, so had to get all my own smells back on it. All I get to do is catch froggies. Birds don't come in our yard as I think they know better.

There's noffin better than a nice place to rub yur smell all ofur. That's ok about the fevvers. Our Mom says that there is a sayin' that "the only good sparrow is a dead one". Sorry if we offend anyone but they are one nasty breed of bird. They will kill their own and then build a nest ofur it.
That cushion looks lovely, and live feffers to. You are livin' the life ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO
Well she unnerstands about keeping cushions, why not about munching fevvers when they taunt you?
I reely liked yer cushun pikchurs. Yoo looked like my big bruther Mao does win he's all nipped up.

I'm jellus that yoo git to go out and git yer own fresh fethers. I can only watch the berdies frum my balconey. They look very tasty. I think yer rite abowt the vishus deer eeting berdie innerds. I don't think vishus deer eet berdies becuz it wood be too hard to skewer them with thare scary horns. So I think vishus deers only eet tender yung cats and maybe bunnies.
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