Friday, September 29, 2006


My faverit tree stump.

When I am walking in the feelds, I always like to visit my faverit tree stump cuz it makes a gud lookout post.This is my king of the jungle pose.

It makes a furry gud skraching post too.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Who are you laughing at?

What do yoo mean,haf I been in the hay barn?

Hahaha, ROFL!!!
Eric what do yoo look like?

Sunday, September 24, 2006


How to scare your mum

I've been hunting again an just look what I got. I cawt me a snake!

I had a good chew on it an I fink it's dead so now I'm going to play wiv it.

Spoilsport. Mum took it away furrom me an put it unner the plantpot so dad cud see if it wuz a poison viper.That wuz after she screeched at me an told me too drop it. Drop it woman??? Do yoo know how long it took to catch it?
Eric knows it's theer an he's gonna gard it an make shoor it duzn't ex-cape.

Her's a pichur of it. It wuz neerly dead furrom me putting the bitey on it. Mum got a 14lb.sledgehammer an hit it on the head to make shoor. Dad sed the slej-hammer wuz a bit ecks-sess-iff. He finks it wuz a part grone grass snake, an theer not poy-sun-uss so it wuz ok, but I had to be shut indoors an watched just in case I got pawly.I knew it wuz a armless snake cuz yoo can't see enny arms on it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


More pichurs of our purrize

We got Fancy Feast. It was luxury ,not like the food mum yooshully givs us. We's told her to bring home a sootcase full furrom Mericky when they go.

Hmm Tem-tay-shuns. I's herd bout them, they looks inchresting

I's got a new bed wiv all shreddy papers so's I can play in it as well.That's our new Ostrich fev-vers beside me. I fink Grr must hav chose those furr me cuz I reely reely like them.

Dad wuz playing Ostrich fev-vers on the bed wiv me. Yoo can just see his arm in the mirror.

Quick Flynn, come and look, I's found sumfing wiv a citing smell. Wonder what it is?

I can't come now Eric, I's bizzy wiv these Tem-tay-shuns.

Uh oh I fink I's ate too many now I need a nap.

Flynn!! It's nip!! We's nefurr had reel nip afore, an this smells good. Now I haf to try an open it.

Hehehe While Eric's bizzy wiv that nip, I's pinched his nip carrot.I's rolled on it an chewed on it an now I's giving it headbutts.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We need advice

Can ennyone help our mum. Last night she put a Neoworks counter on our bloggie, an didn't notice ennyfing was wrong till Petey asked where our archives were. They've gone!!! She says she knows she didn't delete them by axydent, but they's not efun on the template, but all our posts are on dashboard. If ennyone can giv her advise how to put them back we will be effurr so gratefull. That's what happens when yoo let the beans use the compooter wivout keeping an eye on them.She's not furry good wiv compooters.
We'd like to say fanks to Mary Lynn furr helping us get our Ark-hives sorted out, an giving our mum a few uvver tips like how to space fings out. An also we wants to say fanks to efurrybody else who offurred to help us.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Packij furrom Mericky

Look, our packij furrom Mericky has arrived. It's our purrize from Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's compytishun. Come on Flynn, move over an let me see.

Look at all these luvly fings we's got. There's reel Ostrich fev-vers on a wand. Muuummmm what's ostrich? What do yoo mean, it'a bird that duzn't fly? Then why's he got fev-vers. Does he grow them speshully fer kitties? We got Tem-tay-shuns. We's nefurr had them befurr, and they are the yummiest fing I's effur had.An we got Nip an fev-ver balls an Fancy Feast. That was tasty, mum gave us our yooshull sashays later an we said, "Mum what do yoo call this, we want Fancy Feast or nuffin" She said "Sorry boys it's nuffin then" Oh yeah, we had Greenies too, but Eric didn't want them, so they are all mine. Yummy, yummy yummy.

See that carrot? Well it's got Nip in it, an I'm not sharing it. It's the bestest fing of all. I took it outdoors an rolled all ofurr it, then I brought it back in an rolled on it again. Keep yer paws off it Flynn.We got a big packet of Nip too, an that is what I am sniffing here.
Fanks yoo so much Grr, Midnight and Cocoa and mum Karen.
We got more pichurs, but blogger wouldn't let us do it fer 2 days, so we will do sum more later.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Waiting fer a mousie

Mousies live in this hedge. I've caught loads here an I was just walking past an I heard a noise. So here I am waiting fer my mousie. His days (minutes) are numbered.

I see him. I's getting ready to pounce. I just hope no bad horsies come and snuffle my butt while I's consert- racing......
note: The horsie just watched, an I did get my mousie.
Yoo can biggify all our pichurs if yoo want to.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The Mighty Hunter

No this is not me furr two reasons.
1. I'm ginger right?
2.I've nefurr seen live fev-vers this big, an although I'm a big brave hunter, I'm not that ambishus. I want to keep all my lives.
Me an Eric was surfing the innernet togevver a while back an we found this amazin pichur, and fought all you uvver poodins would like to see it.


Friday, September 08, 2006


My favourite toy

This is Scruffy Rat. He is the bestest toy that I haf got. Mum got him fer us when we were baby kitties, an I likes to throw him around and run round wiv him in my mouf.

I like to put the bitey on him too. He has lost most of his stuffing and gone all Fred Bear, but that's the way I like him.We haf uvver ratties too, and mum says "Why don't you play wiv Tidy Rat?" an I says "No fank you mum".Then she says "Ok then Eric, At least you are lively when you are playing wiv Scruffy Rat"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006



This is my most faverit cushun in the whole world. It's in the old falling down woodshed. The Befurrus cats used to sleep there sumtimes, and when they had all gone ofurr the Rainbow Bridge, mum kept the cushions there furr Kitty Yum Bum cos she was sad, and then she could cuddle up to it and still smell them.Then one day I went in there and dis-cuvvered it. BLISS!!!!

It's reely old and smelly. It's luvly. I goes in and rubs and rubs all ofurr it. Mum calls it my silly cushun. I asked if I could haf it indoors, but she said it stinks too much, but now it's got my stink on it.

My eyes go all funny and I drools all ofurr it, but I reely reely luv my cushun.Just look at my tung.

I've got anuvver confeshun. The uvver day I caught live fev-vers. I'm not allowed to catch live fev-vers, cos mum makes me let them go. Well the uvver day mum wasn't looking, and there were all these sparrows in the tree laffing at me.So I jumped in the tree and caught one. When mum came outdoors, all she saw was me washing my chops and a little pile of innards and one wing!!I got a telling off, but I don't care cos it tasted good. Here is a pichur of me looking round all guilty cos I've been caught. See that wing by my foot.Next day the innards had gone so anuvver cat must haf been around, or it may haf been Mr. Fox. I don't fink it was the vishus deer acos they would need more to eat than that.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


My Friend

Well I've tried to ignore Bella Jellycat, but she keeps trying to make friends wiv me, an she hasn't pinched my Stinky Goodness or been sleeping in the best places so..........

Maybe she's not so bad after all

In fact she makes a good pillow.

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