Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We got Linkies!!!

Hooray, our links are working now. We want to say a great big fank you to the Calico Girls mom, who sorted them all out furr us. We send big purrs to her. We helped our mum to put some more links on and they worked as well, so now it will be easier for us to visit all you other kitties. We want to say fanks to Derby's mum and all the uvver mums who offurred to help us too.We'll do the rest tomorrow cos we gotta go bed now, and Eric's gotta sit on dadbeans head and kneadle mumbeans shoulder, and Flynn's gotta take up all the bottom of the bed.
You are very welcome!

Patches Lady
Yes, figuring out how to handle your page can be quite trying! Our human sister had to help Mom at first, but it goes easier once you know what to do. Your page is shaping up nicely!
Congrats to getting things done. Momma always says it's such a relief!
Yes - efurryone here in the blogging community is always so helpful when anyone is stuck on somefin. Glad you got your linkies to werk.
You have gorgeous kitties :)
Good to see you gotted your linkies up. We are bugging our Foster Mommy to link you to us. Beans are just soooo inefficient... what will they do without us?

Calico girls mom Toni is our helper too! We still don't have links.But every one else does so we figure its ok. We love to visit you! Great pictures, but the horses were scary!
welcome! come to play with me guys! =^^=
Hello Eric and Flynn. I found your comment on Luna's blog and came to visit yours. You are very handsome Cats and you have very purry nice photographs on your blog.
Thanks for the link! I'll link you back too :o)
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