Monday, August 28, 2006


A walk in the field

Here we are out walking in the field. It looks like I've got my nose stuck in Flynn's butt, I haven't reely, just the way mum took the pichur.

Flynn wants to play,he pounced on me.

It may look like he's winning the play fight, but if he gets too much, I'll just flop on top of him .

Look we haf even got our own private door back into the garden.
Love seeing the ginger bums disappear through the door! Heehee
Oh my, that big 'ole field looks kinda scary. I'm impressed with you guys for liking it out there!
whoa - you guys got it all! what a wonnerful place you live in!!
You are so lucky to have all that nice grass to play on. And your own door!
So much lovely room to stalk, pounce and rassle!!!
I envy you for all the space you have to roam around. Mum won't let me go outside except in my porch. But I don't have claws to protect myself either.

Love the little gate in the fence..
Lucky you two to have that big field to explore and play in. I have a kitty door too. Did it take you awhile to figure yours out?
Oh that's a nice field and a super door back to the garden. Yall are lucky!
such good lookin' boys :)
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