Thursday, August 31, 2006


Some more baby pichers

This is me Flynn getting my paper work up to date

Here we are wiv Kitty Yum Bum. We came to look after her after her last broffurr went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was all lonely an started to pine away an wouldn't eat nuffin.When we came, she told us she didn't like us, but Eric said she had to be his friend an he laid wiv her all the time until she liked us.She went offur the bridge four years ago an we was all sad.

Here we are just relaxing on the sofa. Eric's showing off his hoo haa's just because he still had them then.

Eric I know you love water, but you know you can't play wiv the washing. Mum said it's too dangerous.

Mum can I haf a bigger paddling pool, cos all my feet won't fit in this one.
Great pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be adding a link to your site on mine as well.

P.S. Tell Eric to enjoy them while he can *wink*
I loves the photos. I am furry glad that Eric made Kitty Yum Bum like him. She is furry purty and I'm sure you made her happy those last years.
Those are some of the bestest kitty pictures. I liked them very much.
look how cute you all were!!!!
Cool pictures. Cute now and cute then.
you guys haf such adory-bull baby pic-shures, but we gotta warn you 'bout sumfin...see the desk pic-shure? look on top of the desk...the wood statue thingy - A VISHUS DEER! what's up wif that? aren't you scared?
Those sure are terrific pictures! We think your beans like ginger kitties.

Why not? - Tilly
Both of you were good looking little kitties. Nice to share you 'baby' pictures.
You two are just so precious. My human pet says if only we would stay that way forever...
How cute you looked when you were little tykes. I didn't get a whole lot of kitten pictures of Casper. Kind of wish I got the one of him on the drapes just hanging there. At that time there weren't anything called a digital camera. I'm with Zeus, wish the kitties could stay in the kitten stage a little longer than they do. Sure enjoyed looking at your baby pics.
Oh those pictures are too cute!!! 'Specially the hoo ha's and that dryer picture!!!!!! We think you are just what the fambly needed.
Oh deer deer hehehe.We neffurr noticed the vishus deer on the desk afurr Grr, Midnight and Cocoa told us bout it. It's ok though cos it's not theer enny more cos mum moved efurryfing furrom theer cos we kept frowing efurryfing off. But we's brave, we's not furraid of no vishus deer.Mum said the pointy fings on it's head yoosed to be longer, but one of her befurr cats chewed one, so she had to file the uvver one down to match it.
Flynn - you got ta eat live (now dead) FEV-VERS! YUM-MEEE! You're my hero! Does ya still got that other wing...?
Grr two were seriously cute kittens! My mum wishes she had some kitten pictures of me but I was already 8 when she adopted me. I bet I was a cute fluffy ginger kitten though. We really like the picture of Eric looking at the washing!
Eric and Flynn, thank you for visiting my new bloggie even iffen you couldn't leaf a comment to me. My Mom said my beta blog is an experiment so she can see what beta is all about. So far not so good, but someday all bloggies will haf to be beta so she figgured she better learn. The only way she can let me comment is by having 2 accounts, one for beta and one for regular. I like your bloggie. I will add linkies too someday when Mom isn't so mad at beta blogger.
I reeely liked yer baby pikchurs. Espeshully the one with the hoo ha's. I've always called that the goodie sak.
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