Monday, August 21, 2006


Pichers from the beans holly day

These are some of the pichers the beans took when we was prisoners.One is of a Roman mosaic (whateffurr that is) and it is in the hotel grounds.They said there is lots of roman ruins around that area, an they did lots of walking.

And here is a picher of Fev-vers swimming in their pond. They said they went and fed the Fev-vers effurry day with food furrom breakfast in the hotel. There are big fishies in the lake too, but they didn't bring home any fev-vers or fishies, only sneaky Bella.

And there are two pichers of the hotel. This one is from the back, and the furrst one is from the front.This is where that sneaky kitty Bella Jellycat stayed wiv them. we are not at all happy bout that.
nice pikshurs, but they should haf brought home some fev-vers if they was gonna bring home Bella.
I liked the pictures. I think Momma would like to go there--but I wouldn't and I don't want her to leave either. I'm glad your humans are back.
The picture with the fev-vers is the best one. My Mom liked the other piccies, but I like the fev-vers the best.
Nice pictures Eric and Flynn. My mum likes Roman mosaics, she is wondering where that one is. Unfortunately, MY humans have now gone off on holiday AGAIN abandoning me AGAIN - what is it with these humans and their never-ending holidays?
Wow! That hotel looks like a castle or somethin'.

So it looks like this Bella chick will be living at your house?
Those photos are very nice indeed. The mosaic is amazing, and the hotel looks gigantic and formidable. To me, it appears as though your human pets had quite the holiday!
The fev-vers looks like they'd be fun to play with. Mommy likes that mozayick thingy, but I don't know why.Fev-vers are much more fun.
~~ Mini
so nice of your human pets ta feed the fev-vers! gotta keep 'em big an fev-vers are like a dream come true! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Very, very nice! What a great holiday!
That looks like a very purrty place. Exactly what is the name of the place and where is it?

Mum has vistied the UK several times so likes to know stuff like this. Mum specially wented to the British Museum to see the Roman mosaics.
Yep,it looks like Bella's here to stay. For the kitties bean mums who were asking about the mosaic,we'll let our mum tell you bout it.
Hi, it's in the grounds of Littlecote House Hotel which is a no children hotel.The hotel is a listed building and belongs to the "Warners Breaks" group. It is near Newbury in Berkshire which is about 60 miles west of London. There are also the remains of a Roman village which originated in the iron age nearby at a place called Silchester. There is really only the walls left standing. The actual village is covered in farmland now, although there was some excavating going on when we visited it.
Jackie (Eric and Flynn's mum)
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