Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Mole hills and holes

There was a mole hill here yesterday, and I'm sure I flattened it, but it's back again.

I better dig an see if I can find it. I want to show Flynn he's not the only one who can catch the pesky little fings.
Can't see him, so I may as well poop in the hole now I've got it nice an deep.No point wasting a good hole.No you are not seeing that pichur. Sum fings are private!

That's better, all covered in an flattened again. I've had a good roll an left my stink on it. What do you mean Flynn, I've left my stink in it as well??

You showed dat mole Eric!
I sur hope you get that critter outta your yard Eric!

hahahaha. when you can't dig em out, stink em out!
hehehe. You two are so funny. Go get those moles. Stink bombs might work.
Great use of a hole! What a creative cat you are!
Good job Eric. I love digging mole holes.
that am too funny! you shure know how ta haf a good time wif the nay-burrs!
I think the mole died from your, uh, prowess, shall we say?
good job, old boy!
You guys are so lucky to be running ourside hunting moles! Ok, pooping on moles, but still. Bubbles loves to be outside and hunt all kinds of creatures, but his (evil) Mommy is trying to turn him into an indoor cat. THE OUTRAGE!
Gosh, I wouldn't waste a good hole either, but mine can only be in our litterbox!

Maxwell Smartkitty
Hi Eric, you get to hunt moles? Sounds like fun. Is it the same as hunting for froggies?? I bring froggies in the house sometimes so I can have fun after I have to come in but Mom seems to always find them. Do what ever you have to do to "Smell" them out.

You boys sure are so handsome too. You have such nice places to play. Tanks for your complements. You two are so nice. I tried to get outside to play too but mine Mom got worried and put me back inside. Get that mole. They do bad fings to your yard.
It looks like you two have fun outside like we do. We're very pleased to meet you and are glad you visited our blog. Thanks for the link; now we're linked internationally! We'll get Mom to make a link to your blog from ours (she's our secretary), but it will probably be next week.

~ J&B
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