Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Little Eric and Flynn

Here are some baby pichers of us. The picher where we are cuddled up by the books was the furrst day we came to our furrever home. The door was opened back against them, and the beans couldn't find us. They were getting in a panic, an we was fast asleep.In the picher of us playing in the wine rack, mum says Eric's head wouldn't effun fit in there now. The cheek of it!!(Don't know where the rest of that picher went. Fink blogger mustn't haf liked it.) An the picher wiv the slippers, that was our most favourite fing to play wiv. Mum had to get herself new slippers cos we nearly ate them up. An in the uvver picher we was all played out.
awwww. you two are most cute!
Oh I think you two were cuter than me and I was a pretty cute kitten!
(singing) Oh, you must have been a beautiful baby,
Cuz baby, look at you now!

So cute! Mom doesn't haf baby pictors of me cuz I didn't dopt her until I was 8 months old. Now she wants to find Bonnie's baby pictors. I don't belief Bonnie was efur a cute little kitten.
Look, how cute you are! And such good buddies.
Boy, were you two ever so cute kittens!

our Lady's making that sound again...it goes like this "awwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
What lovely kitties you were- so small and cuddly! I'll take 5, please.
The Mum
You both were just gorgeous little ginger guys. Way cute.
Awww you sure are cute little poodies in those picts ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO
Wow, you can truly tell that the two of you are brothers! You look completely alike as little ones! So adorable!
You twp were (and still are) quite a team!
Great baby pictures! Made Me laugh and made my Mom all mushy inside.
Look at you boys, you little cuties!
Oh! You guys were SO CUTE. Go to our page...we have baby pictures posted, too.
Ohhhh lookit the babies. Sooo soft and furry lookin'. Me was 5 yrs when Mommy founded me and Beau Beau was already 6 mos. but we still has pikshurs when he was smaller. Now he's sooooo big and fa... I mean cute...
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