Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Links- bah!!!

Please can some one help our mum. She thought she had worked out how to put other kitties links on our blog for us, cos we don't know how to do it. She spent loads and loads of time tonight doing it, and when she tried it out, none of them worked.She was furry tired and we fink she was really fed up. We'll see if we can catch her a mousie tomorrow to make her happy.
Oh by the way, Flynn says he is furry sorry about what happened in his litter tray, and he has taken note of what George said, and in the furrture he will always remember he is an English gentleman. Fank you George for trying to get him back on the straight and narrow.
First of all, you dont want the profile, you want the actual blog address. You dont want the word link. Momma has helped a bunch fix theirs. If you want, you can send her your log in stuff and she will fix them for you.
She just checked and said you have Erics right. All of them should start with http://. It is easier to go to the website you want to link, then highlight it, copy it and then paste it where it should go. Does this make sense, if not, she would be glad to do them for you.

Our Mum hasn't a clue how to help your Mum, but she thinks you two are gorgeous, even by Gorgeous Ginger standards!
Tilly and Toby
Yes, the Calico Girls mom is furry good at this. Once you get one right you can just cut and paste. Yhen type in the bloggy name.

Just let us know if you need help. Mum would have some time on the weekend.
Patches mom is GREAT at helpin'!! She helpeded our Momma out lots (she needs lots of help somtimes!) You can add us...if'n y'all want to.
~Meeko & Kiara
Hope you get the linkies right. It was confusing for us and took us a couple of days to do it right, when we were starting out. Copy and paste, copy and paste. Whew! Even now we screw up sometimes.
It's much easier to do the links on Chey's wordpress blog than on blogger, though blogger is easier on most other things. It looks like the Calicogirls' mom has gotten things straightened out for you though
I checked some of your links just a few moments ago, and it seems like you got them straightened out! I'm glad the fellow cat bloggers were able to help you!
If you wanna, you can send mine Momma an email at heathrob1 @ aol.com & she will send you the code so you can link to all tha kitties I do, or you can erase the ones you don't want to link to.
good job wif the linky things an thanks fur includin us!
Hi! Glad to meet two more blogging kitties. Now you know the downside of having a blog - someone can write stuff you don't want people to know (like litter box stuff) Looks like you figured out the link thinkies. Our Human finally figured them out and then she started using Blogrolling which she likes a lot. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
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