Sunday, August 13, 2006


It's a lock up!!!

We haf got bad news. This morning we came in from the garden and caught mumbean getting the suitcase out! I says to her"Mum, what are you doing wiv that? She says,"Sorry Flynnie,"(she always calls me Flynnie when she knows she's done sumfing wrong)"As you know it's my birthday on Tuesday, and your dad's taking me away for a few days." So I said, "But what are we going to do?" an she said that we has to be locked in the big garage. I just knew sumfing was up when I saw them cleaning it out and putting our carpet down yesterday.So I says to her,"but how long are we being prisoners furr? An she says it's furr five days, but reely it's only three days that we won't see you, cos they will still see us on the furrst an last day. So I spose it's not too bad, an she said dad is going to move our safe outdoors cage, which is by the bedroom window, an put it against the garage door. So least that means me an Eric can still breathe in the fresh air and watch the birdies and do sum sunbathing. She said the lady wiv the horsies will cum an feed us twice a day like uvver times, an she will bring a girl to play wiv us. Eric will be friendly cos she will haf food and treaties, but I spect I will hide. I may cum out an see them after a couple of days, but I hafn't decided yet.I've told the beans to take pichers to show us, an then we will show them to our poodin friends.We've told mumbean not to be too late home an then we can talk to our friends again on Friday.
oh no, bay-k-shuns are terrible, and not fair to poodins. they should be banned.
We jus went frew the vay-cay-shun fing wif our humans. They left for FIVE days! Angie was so upset she lost a pound of weight. At least they's back now and fings are back to normal. Tell your beans to write about their trip when they gets back. If they leave they must haf to report on what they been up to while they leave us in jail.
My humans are not allowed to take vacations. At least Mom is not. Dad travels for his job and the human kids are both away at big school, so I really have to keep an eye on Mom to make sure she stays put. Tell you Mum she has to bring you back lots of kitty pressies!!! It's the rules!!!
A whole 5 day holiday for a birthday? That is purrty good.

Bummer that you get locked in the garage though. I at least got to stay in my regular house when mum was gone. I think there is too much bad stuff in mum's garage to leave me out there.
Oh a garage? At least they are providing for your comfort with food twice a day and a perch with fresh air. Acrually, that doesn't sound too bad now that we think about it!
Ohhh, I hate it when the humans go on holiday. Mine are threatening to go again and they've only just come back. I borrowed one of Eric's photos to use in my blog entry today, I hope you don't mind.
Oh you are so nice and understanding! I don't think I would be that nice
Our beans just got back from an overnight visit. It isn't too bad 'cuz we get LOTS of food and water and we can sleep all the time. Just don't tell them - they think we're miserable and they give us extra love and treats out of guilt. hehehe
Tilly and Toby
I say leave doots in the suitcase! That's what we do to DKM.
Don't da beans know we don't like bay-ca-shuns?

Drop by and visit, it's our one year annerversarry today. Yippee

why wouldn't your momma wanna spend her purrthday wif you guys? do you lock her in the garage on your purrthday? it doesn't seem fair
Maybe we should all go to Ing-land an keep you company in the garage. I reeeeeeely want to asplore the garage at my house, but Mom an Dad won't let me. We can bring food an treats an catnip an haf a big party. That sounds like FUN!
See, this is all way wrong. They have no business leaving you. Momma hasnt left us like that this year cuz she is having eye troubles, but if she wasnt, she would be doing this vacation thing too
Happy Birfday to yore Mum! I guess the garaj doesn't sound so bad, you'll have visitors who will feed you and you'll get fresh air...but still, yore beans prolly shood take you wif them. After all, don't you deserve a bay-k-shun too?

Finny & Buddy
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