Saturday, August 19, 2006



Hooray!!!! The beans came home last night, so now we haf been released from the garage prison. We were going to ignore them, but reely we was so pleased to see them, we couldn't ignore them. We both slept on the bed together with them, an never even argued wiv each uvver.
Mum took a picher of dad feeding the Fev-vers.He knows we like em, but he never even brought us home any, but we were in for a shock!!
They brought a stranger home wiv them. They said she is called Bella Jellycat, but we's not sure bout her. She's taking all the best places, an we've seen the pichers, SHE GOT TO GO ON HOLIDAY WIV EM!!! Now you can't tell us that's right. An if you look at the pichers, you can see she's got a drink probylem. We'll leave it to all our poodin friends to make up their own minds about her. She's gonna haf to work hard if she wants to be our friend.
Mum said we can put some pichers of the hotel on tomorrow . She said we'd better leave it furr today, cos Blogger's being a bit slow, an she said we shouldn't push our luck.
Wow that new ginger kittie sure know how to party on.

Glad you two are free, but keep an eye on the new kittie.
Mmmm so that's where fevvers come frum. Why didn't they bring you one, just one, fur yur very own?

As fur invadin stranger kitties, I'm too upset to talk right now. I've just bout had enuf of Victor.
Welcome back! I missed you guys!

That Bella Jellycat is very suspicious looking. Like Derby said, I think you Cats had better keep an eye on her.
Those toes of your Daddy's look mighty tempting!

Glad to hear that your beans are home. Yea, keep and eye on the new kitty. She looks chew-able.
My mama likes the purrty glasses. I just say, we missed you, and welcome back to freedom
Welcome back outta the garage prison!
that new kitty looks like a party aminal - does she got any NIP?

mmm! purrrrty fev-vers! if I could just get my claws on 'em...
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