Friday, August 25, 2006


Flynn The Hunter

Come on effurrybody. I've got supper furr us. Hope effurryone likes mole!!

Yep it's dead. Those vishus deer had better watch out. I's afraid of nuffin!!

Come on mum, get the barbecue lit, let's get it cooked.
(anytime anyone mentions "vishus deer" our Lady giggles - 'parently she doesn't unnerstand the very real DANGER)
you is a mighty hunter an furry brave! we wish we could hunt stuff down like that. haf ya effur caught any live fev-vers? that's Grr's dream. i bet that thing would be yummy all cooked up on the fire cooker. our Lady's human sister has lotsa those mole guys in her yard an her cat loves ta catch 'em. her cat's name is Umbrella...yeah...we know....
that was me, Cocoa, an i forgets ta sign my name again. i also forgets ta tell you that the Lady gots all the purrizes an is gonna box 'em all up this weekend an get them to ya.
to Grr
I haf caught live fev-vers befurr but mum doesn't like me doing it, so I haf to do it when she's not looking.I took one in the bedroom once an she was still finding fev-vers a week later.I's loud to catch moles though cos they makes bumps in her grass.We's bofe cited bout getting our prize. Mum says she knows a secret bout it but won't tell us.
Oooooh, yummy! We hardly ever get fresh game until we eat it before the beans take it away. Enjoy!
Ooops- we meant 'unless' not 'until'.
Are you going to use any speshul sauce? I am wondering, maybe spicky hickory bbq sauce might give it some added tang.

mmmm...sometime when your mum's not around you'll have to tell me all about catching the live fev-vers!
Mum saw two vishus deer yesterday morning. A mum and her baby. They ran across the road in front of her car. She wasn't close enough to hit them.
Wow Flunn you are a mighty hunter. And fearless!
I'm seriously impressed! You must live far out in the country where you can't get your own crunchies so you must hunt for your own food. Did you skin the mole and season it before you put it on the grill? How was it after you cooked it?
How furry brave and smart you are!
Bwhaahaaa! That's great! Come an git your Mole-a-que. Hee hee. Daddy and Mommy went a huntin this mornin' at Petco. Mommy wanted to hunt up a mousie for us to hunt an kill but Daddy woulnd't let her. Yur so cool that you gotted your own kill. Good eatin's to you.
WOW! i bow to you, oh brave and staltwart hunter!! it will be years (possibly never, since She won't let me go outside) before i can attain to prey like that!! you are some punkins, as we say on this side of the pond (in the ozark mountains, which is furry, furry different to the rest of the country). YOU RULE!! hope the victory feast was not interrupted by beans snatching away the prize.

your devoted worshiper, nitro

(and our She laughs at "vishus deer", too. She's gonna find out someday it's no laffing matter.!
garrrgh...queasy!! my 2 couldn't catch a cold ;)
Moles! Yum!! I used to catch lots of moles in Mom's garden in North Carolina. They weren't as big as your mole though.
Flynn, yoo are indeed a feerlis hunter. I'm imprest. Yoo mite want to kunsider taking my new produkt, "Mao and Rocky's Vishus Deer Repellunt" owt with yoo just in kase yoo git attakt by vishus deer out in the feelds.
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