Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Eric and the Water

I haf always liked water, well Flynn does too, but not as much as me. When I was a baby kitty, I fought it was a normal fing to like. It was only when me and Flynn went to the V E T that I fought, maybe it's not so normal. We went for our hoo haa hectomies and when mum came to collect us, the V E T man said I was acting a bit strange. He said I was sitting in my prison cell wif my feet in the drinking bowl. Well mum laffed an said "No that's not strange, that's just my Eric!" (I wasn't Big E then, in fact I was quite a small E) When we all goes walkies together in the fields, I like to paddle in the stream, an when I'm firsty, I drinks from the horsie troughs, an then I plays wiv the water an splashes it effurry where. Mum yells an says "Eric you're soaking me!" so I do it a bit more. he he he!!! I just love it when it rains, cos that means I can go out and jump in the puddles, then mum has to get a towel an give me a rub down. Me and Flynn don't like drinking from our bowl, so mum leaves the baff tap running slow furr us, so we drink from it and the hand basin, and then we goes all scatty in the baff. That's big fun, but the beans haf to get all the furr out befurr they can haf a baff.Here are some pichers of me playing wiv the hosepipe, when I was smaller Eric. (And a few more if naughty blogger will let me)
Ha! I always thought I liked water but you Cats really take the prize. My Mom laughed and laughed when she read about Eric. I only wish I could train my humans to leave the water in the tub running for me.
Momma says the Iggy cat, who sent me over to her loved water. He was a big handsome ginger cat like you. Perhaps it's only handsome Gingers who like water?
Scout likes water too but only if a trickle from the hose! You really go for it!!
We have a cat fountain in the kitchen and I like to go "splat" with my paw so the water gets all over the floor. Sometimes I scoop water with my paw and fling it around. It's all good fun.
yuvbdxhI like to drink from the sink thing too! But, I only get to d it when MOmma (or some ofur trained bean) goes in there to use the human litterbox.I usually end up wif water all ofur my head.
You guys are so cute.....water is for drinking, not for playing in, did anyone ever tell you that......guess not.

Those are great pictures, Eric! I don't think liking water is a Ginger thing, I run away very quickly when my mum waters the garden in case she waters me by accident. I am trying to catch up on all the posts from when I was on holiday. You have been busy! Love the picture of Eric up the tree tempting the birdies - I am impressed he can climb trees, I can't, I am too big and heavy.
I can definitely say Eric that you are "a horse of a different color" though not a horse and not a different color. (It's a strange homo sapien saying I believe to indicate you're just different!) I have never heard of a feline enjoying water, but perhaps we could investigate into why you like it so much. Were you born during a hurricane, a pool, or perhaps near a lake?
Oh my, that's really interesting. I like to drink from the running tap sometimes, but it has to be running slowly.
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