Friday, August 11, 2006


Cuddly Tums!!

We've seen loads of pichurs of tummies lately, so here's mine. Mum bean calls me Flynnie tubbytum sometimes, but I don't know why cos it's really dainty compared with Eric's
Huh!!! call that a tummy, this is a proper tummy. Mum calls me Podger sumtimes an I tell her that's very hurtful. Us Eric's are proud of our tums.Don't know where my tail went though!!
pssst - does ya haf an e-mail address? we gots sumfin ta tell ya...
I wanted to say hello myself because I'm an absolute NUT for kitty tummies! You two are gorgeous - do you like tummy rubs?
servant to Grr, Midnight & Cocoa
mommy wants to kiss on your tummies!
Beanmom loves gives belly rubs. I like getting them, but only for a little while.
Our Mum loves your tummies, too! She wants to cuddle you two very much.
Beauuutiful tummies ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
We bof luv tummy rubs an kisses on our tummies too, so if any bean moms haf got any to spare, you know where to send them.
I love kitty tummies, and I can't resist patting them. Here's a virtal one for you... *tickle* *tickle* *pat* *pat* *kiss* *kiss* ...

For we male felines, our tummies are a source of pride. Surely, homo sapiens would understand this since male homo sapiens have their "beer guts" which they sport frequently.
I love these tummies! I send rubs and kisses. mum wants to smooch on both your tummies. They are very fine tums especially Eric's (although not as floofy as mine of course). It is horrible, windy and rainy in London, are you having the same down in Devon?
Hi Fat Eric. It's windy here too an making us run round like mad fings, but no rain.Rained the uvver day for a few hours, but that's all we've had furr ages. No puddles to play in!!!
Thanks Zeus, we knew you would explain about the tummy fing. And we bofe want to say fanks furr all those tummy rubs and kisses you haf sent us, we are reely enjoying them.
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