Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Bird Watcher

Here birdy birdy, come and see the nice peanuts Eric has got for you
Wow, bribery! Way to go!!!

Patches Lady
Wow, look at you up in the tree. Just waiting to 'visit' with the birdies as they come by for a snack.
You look great in that tree. Reminds me of something I used to do when I was allowed outside.

Thank you for liking my story. I will put a linky back to you on my blog.
Sneekin up on the birdies! Wow!

~~ Sanjee
I just now noticed that you lived in Plymouth. My friend, Bobkat, recently posted some really nice photos of the scenery there if you wanted to take a look.

I don't get to go to the City of Outside so I'm slightly envious of your bird watching capabilities. I wish I could climb trees like the two of you!
Hey Zeus those pichers that your furrend took are about 8 miles away from us. The beans go there sometimes furr a walk but don't take us case we get lost.We lives on the edge of Dartmoor.Mumbean said What a small world!!
Oh my that looks awful high up in the tree! What good climbers you are!
ooooh - if only we could do that! we really really want ta get at the birdies! you know...cause we wanna be furrends wif 'em of course...
Oh I just can't believe it! You get to hunt while I have to watch birdies from inside. Unfair! Completely unfair.

lol :)
Wow! How'd you get up there? The view of everything must have been fantastic!
You are all stealthy in those pictures!
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